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Metaphors for Life

Updated on October 25, 2017

Metaphors for Life

Sometimes a depiction

Is best comprehended

With unrelated description

This World

A Vision

Whose blended colors

depend on a Belief

For some....a Superstition

To others...a Religion

The Artist draws from Life

Every stroke driven by the Mind

but Spoken through the Heart

Sound translates into Experience

And the Rhythm is steady

with every drumbeat of the body’s core,

until the Heart Speaks no more

And everything is a pair

Masculine and Feminine

Hope and Despair

And Night ends only by the slightest hint of the Sun’s glare

And to Truly Touch Existence

Is to Breath in fully

All of Life

Good or Bad

And still manage to Laugh

The after taste of what was once Devoured

Throughout the Moments...

the Minutes...

within Hours...

is imprinted there always

And follows you through Life’s hallways

Whispering in our ears

a constant reminder of our Hopes, our Dreams, our Motivations and Fears

All the while

never quite knowing

But putting Faith in something

Throughout this Existence

You can never stop going...

And through this I Discover

something not quite acknowledged,

or for some...

Not quite known

Life itself has always been a Metaphor

Something of its own.

© 2011 Latasha Woods


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