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Metaphysical Meditations on Love and Truth. A Dedication to Devika Primić

Updated on November 19, 2019
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Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Wisdom from the Master

"Truth is in all

But Love is all." - Sri Chinmoy

Wisdom from the Master


Mystic Love

My past was once filled, with incomplete memories,

Missing out on the joys of endless Love.

Now my Mercedes works well and does not need towing;

Yet I’m secure, in knowing that the Mechanic is here.

My Shyama, You took me away, from this ephemeral world

Of shadows; gave me the golden ticket, to the abode of Peace.

Now the willow constantly sings Your songs of newness;

The moon fades, only to re-emerge with a translucent Light.

The wind of Thy breath waltzes, in each blossoming flower;

I am the orchid opening to this rhapsody;

You are the fragrance in my dance.

I once infected this Temple, with uncomely medicine,

But You wept blood on the crown of my Heart --

A sacred defibrillator, restoring this song-bird to new life.

I see You, a resplendent smile within, merging with

The synergy of the sun. Your lustered silhouette

Sparkles, blending with Orion and twinkling stars.


There’s now a Lover in my Spirit, the steady beat

Of Her pulse elated, from the harvest of my agony of longing.

I was a caged golden sparrow, who yearned to soar,

Into the vast emptiness of Freedom. Now

My soul rejoices, in the twilight of the moons glowing light,

My Empress, Thy breath is the flute on my lips;

I am Your melody; You are my song.

In my comings’ and goings’, joys and despair,

I see only You, sweet Majesty. You are my Fire, and

The agony of my quest, is most assuredly Thy peerless flame.

Love said to me. “I am not confined, O Lantern.

I’m the pure Emptiness in you, an ecstatic wine,

Sweet, yet sour, vast, yet wrapped up in Myself,

Spinning and whirling, spinning and whirling,

Into the sugarcane fields of endless time.”

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier, 15th November, 2019


On Truth

When the snow falls, it sometimes begins like flakes,

Drifting in the atmosphere. The wind blows wherever Love takes it,

Carrying these divine messengers of heaven, to the pollen,

The stamen of flowers, the foliage … my stained-glass windows.

The light flakes kiss my face and hugs me gently, intimately.

Their healing effects, sometimes exactly what I need,

In this noisy world of modern consumerism.

I am a spark of Spirit, no less than the flakes … the stars.

Indeed, since I aspire for the Highest, then perhaps I'm their Master.

Still, you would not necessarily know.

Sometimes I'm fragile, vulnerable … susceptible to danger …

To being squashed upon, like the flakes heralding snow.

Truth is often just as delicate, requiring wisdom-light, to illuminate its path.

O Lantern, be as wise as Solomon and as gentle as the snow.

- Manatita, 4th November, 2019


Wisdom from the Master

"Everything really does happen for a reason,

And even if you cannot understand it all,

Everything that happens to you,

is meant to happen for the progression of your soul." Sri Chinmoy

On Love and Truth

Truth is ...

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© 2019 manatita44


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