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Six Tried-and-True Methods to Defeat Writer’s Block

Updated on March 23, 2011

If you’ve been actively running a website for some time now than you know how difficult it can be, at times, to create fresh content for your community; it happens to the best of us: writer’s block. Writer’s block can bring your website to a crashing halt that leads to less, overall traffic and community interaction. Keeping a regular content schedule is extremely difficult if you can’t seem to find the motivation and creativity to begin writing again.

I know, from experience, how difficult it can be when you have a bad case of writer’s block. The first day it’s fine because you may have content ready from previous writing but a few days down the line you begin to become stressed that further halts your ability to create. I’ve been able to identify more than a few methods to defeat writer’s block over the years of writing both freelance articles and for my own blogs which I’d like to share with you, today.

Method 1: Always Keep an Idea Journal

You don’t have to go all fancy with your idea journal; pen and paper will suffice. Always keep your journal close by because you never know quite when the inspiration bug may bite. Write down everything that pops into your head even if it seems kind of ’silly’ or ‘worthless’ because it could spark an idea for something completely different. Share your journal with friends and fellow website owners; ask what they think, gain feedback and use the information you’ve gained to tackle new content subjects that you may have missed on first pass.

Method 2: Develop a Content Strategy

Load up a spreadsheet program or mind mapping software; begin plugging in ideas that you have for new content pieces. Begin organizing your thoughts so your titles are synced with others; this will show you where you could naturally progress in your content creation. Your content strategy will also reveal micro niche topics that would be perfect for your offering when you see the ‘cracks’ between each post – fill these with new post ideas. Keeping a content strategy will give you structure in your writing that helps keep your active and defeat the dreaded writer’s block.

Method 3: Ask your Community for Help

Dig through your comments, emails and interaction with your website community. Don’t be afraid to ask your community what they’d like to read. Consider adding a poll to the sidebar or footer of your website that lets visitors add input into the type of content they’re looking for. Your community will be glad to help you think of new ideas because they enjoy your writing. Equally, your community will love your new content because it answers a question they personally had a need for!

Method 4: Look at what others are doing

Dig around your favorite blogs and websites – look at what type of content they’re covering. Explore relevant niches related to your own and see if there are any topics you could cover and craft into your own. Don’t copy posts word-for-word; add a unique angle from your own experience and knowledge on the topic. Likewise, build upon what others have created by further exploring a methods, technique or tutorial (be sure to link to their own posts to show your gratitude for the inspiration and to add value to your post).

Method 5: Write what YOU want

Don’t get too wrapped up within always trying to please your community. Go out of your way to write something that you’ve been meaning to write. Write something that’s been on your mind. Rant and rave about your latest experience. Share a personal story with your community. Write what scratches your own itch. Your personal style posts may not go over well with every member of your community but it will help you get back into the mode of writing and may, actually, build a stronger connection because it reveals the inner you.

Method 6: Use PLR as a ‘Base’

Pick up PLR articles which give you full rights to edit and modify the content for your own purpose (along with adding your own name). Use PLR as the ‘base’ of the new post you plan to create. Draw inspiration upon the articles you’ve purchased by building on subjects that you previously haven’t covered. Craft the articles into your own offering and expand on the original author’s work – if it’s what gets you over the ‘hump’ of writer’s block than its well worth the investment.


There are some days that we, website owners and content producers, hit a dead-end. We sit for hours in front of our computers trying to squeeze out an idea on to the screen but to no avail. It can be difficult when writer’s block hits you hard. However, you’ve now learned six different methods that have help, personally, time and time again to get back in the saddle and on the way to new posts.


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