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Microfiction: Examples of Incredibly Short Stories

Updated on February 13, 2015

Microfiction, extremely short stories, are told between 300-350 words in their entirety. In comparison, the average short story falls between 3000-5000 words; a resume can even range 300-500 words.


The subsequent works of microfiction were produced by my own hand. Each story is very different from the other and where there may be some who enjoy all of them, I do not expect all stories to captivate or even be liked by others. Let's get started and leave the decision making up to the reader. Enjoy!

Thanks Craig!

It was late January. Unsure where life was going, I put an advertisement on an Internet site known as Craigslist. With the Internet horror stories one hears about, who was going to take me seriously? Expecting nothing serious from an Internet ad, I thought what the hell, how about a little bit of fun. Soon hundreds of emails poured in, most junk, others not very exciting. This had turned out to be quite uneventful. Eventually I was not responding at all, the delete key became my best friend.

After a couple weeks of this, I reached a point where I was getting ready to delete my original post. It was then I found a response among all the junk, that for some reason, I felt compelled to respond to. Not knowing what to expect, I responded by saying not much more than hello, inquiring to the nature of the response. Still I was quite hesitant at first, but I felt compelled to pursue further.

Soon we met, making every opportunity we could to see each other around our busy schedules. We each had children that we were not ready to get involved. It soon became a sort of hide and sneak affair. Things were going very nicely and it seemed some force was on our side, as everything always seemed to work so well, so naturally, without much planning.

Yesterday our families met for the first time. Her oldest son is not quite certain about us seeing each other. Finally, our hide and sneak routine does not have to be our primary way to spend time together. Though now we have the struggle of what is appropriate for the kids, not concerning affection, but everything else. It seemed like it would be so simple. If we must continue to play the game behind the scenes, the effort spent to make time for us among everything else, is what makes everything that much more exciting. We are not deterred by this, we will persevere! Thanks Craig!

The Easter Bunny Cometh

What a long week it had been for Sam. Having completed preparations for tomorrow’s Easter dinner, she allowed herself to sit and indulge in some wine. Consuming more rapidly than usual, she decided upon one more glass, then another. As Sam sat in the living room chair, she found herself drifting in and out of consciousness.

Amid her dozing, she lifted her head to see a small mass of gray and white fur across the room. Quickly she reeled back in the chair, trying to focus on what startled her. At first she thought it might be one of the pet squirrels, escape artists as they were. No, this was too big. It was about the size…of a rabbit? Could it be this was the fabled Easter bunny? No way, she thought to herself, I must have had way too much. There has to be an explanation for this!

As Sam stood slowly from her chair, the furry mass scurried quickly into hiding. Sam darted into the kitchen to find everything as she had left it. Passing quickly through to the kid’s room, she counted one, two; both appeared to be safely asleep in bed. An open cage in the corner went unnoticed. Closing the door quietly, she reached for the nearest hard object – a broom. Silently she stalked back toward the living room, what she would do, she had not an idea. In her slightly intoxicated state, Sam stumbled over the rug in the kitchen, crashing noisily into the wall, falling flat to the floor.

A splattering of blood dotted her face. Nothing could mask the awfulness before her. This mass of gray and white turned out to be a bunny her mother had given to the kids for Easter that she completely forgot about. Horrifically, when she stumbled and landed, the bunny had been within her fall, and had been crushed. Oh my god, the kids would be devastated! Sam was overwhelmed with anguish as she passed out where she lay. Tomorrow would be a solemn day for bunnies everywhere.

Chasing Sasquatch

“Dale, since we beat the sun out of bed, what do you say we start early and go search the old mines?”

“Daph, don’t tell me YOU want to go hunting for signs of Bigfoot again.”

“For the last time, its Sasquatch silly boy.”

“Boy, who are you talking to; I know you’re not talking to me!”

“Oh get over yourself Dale; you are twice the man I am…”

“God I hope so, you’re a woman last I checked!”

“Are you sure?”

“Come here and let’s find out!”

“Don’t be silly; let’s get going. Get dressed and load the truck so we can leave soon. I’ll make some lunch.”

“Not more bologna, maybe some turkey today. Mmm…turkey.”

“I should fix you chicken, then you can be a cannibal, ha ha ha!”

“Funny. You’re always fixing bologna when we go ‘Sasquatch’ hunting.”

“It’s because Sasquatches like bologna, or so I hear.”

“So now we’re preparing a meal for an animal that doesn’t even exist? You really are nuts!”

“No, you eat it, and as you perspire, they’re supposed to smell it coming out your sweat glands. Kind of like eating dog, bologna eaters stink!”

“Let me get this right; we’re hunting for a make believe creature, hoping to attract him with our smelly armpits, and you’re nuts…did I miss anything?”

“Nope, sounds about right! Get up, we’re already late.”

“The freaking sun isn’t even up yet!”

“But you’re so slow; it will be noon by the time we leave here.”

“Guess we’re gonna miss Bigfoot after all.”


“Whatever. Ok, my pants are on, what else was it you wanted me to do your highness?”

“Hell Dale, never mind, just go back to bed. You obviously don’t want to go.”

“Just messing with you babe, loosen up.”

“So you want to go?”

“Of course, let me go call Bigfoot and tell him we’re coming to visit.”


“Alright, I’ll go start the truck.”


“Don’t forget your perfume; I hear Bigfoot likes stinky things!”

“We gonna do this all day?”


“Let’s just go.”

“Bigfoot, here we come!”

Short Circuit

‘Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon, ‘

So there’s a cat and a fiddle, seems reasonable enough. Everyone who has a cat has a fiddle too, right? How did the cow manage to jump over the moon though? Was it Superman’s bovine? Was it hopped up on roids? Did someone leave a Denny’s platter out in the pasture and she stepped over a breakfast of Moon over My Hammy? Inquiring minds want to know. Let’s continue.

‘The little dog laughed to see such sport, ‘

Now wait a minute, how does a dog laugh? Is that what those pesky canines are doing when their lips are turned up at the corners barring their razor sharp teeth? If so, maybe next time you should stay and have a good chuckle with that Rottweiler instead of heading for shelter. He just wants to share a joke or two with someone apparently.

‘And the dish ran away with the spoon.’

Ok, the buck stops here. Cats and fiddles complement each other like wine and cheese, everyone knows that. Maybe there is a jacked up cow doing back flips over the DreamWorks guy as he tosses a pole into the clouds searching for rainbow trout. We may have even been able to make friends with Killer, the seventy pound Pit Bull that has been enticing you over to chew the fat for quite some time. However, do not go trying to sell us on the idea that there really might be an enchanted castle where all the servants were turned to common household items and there’s a prince who was turned into a hideous beast. A dish running away with a spoon! How preposterous I say…good day!!

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