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Mid-night Train (Ghost Story & Romance)

Updated on April 4, 2015

Train that appear only in the mid-night

In 5 Feb 2000, A girl name Elisa that day she was rejected by a boy whom she confessed to. While she was crying and walking she realized that she have walk to a place that she never been before. As she open her eyes widely to see where she is; She hear the train sounds Choo-choo-choo.... out of nowhere she see a train track and here comes the train. I wonder how come there is train in the middle of the night around 12:30am. The train stop right in front of her. Then it opens the door. There she stand and look the train doors opens for her. She look inside and she aboard the train. Then the train moves.

As She want to buy the train ticket then she realize where this train is going to?? She when in the empty cabin and sat. The moving train makes her thinking where is this train going to end. She look outside the window she realize the speed of the train moving is very fast. Then she turn her head. She sees a man sitting next cabin walks pass her (wobbly) cabin she smell something weird; like dead corpse. She look at the man without looking any where else. The man wobbly walks to next cabin and then she get up and follow the man. Elisa while walking suddenly there is a girl coming from her right side attack her. Elisa see the girl looks scary her face as the girl wants to bite Elisa then she uses her handbag to push the girl face and kick her from the bottom; Elisa run while she is running she sees there are people who sit on the floor neck bleeding and some lay flat on the ground. Elisa did not stop running as she see the place of the cabin is horrible. And she then comes to a cabin which she see nobody there she stop and take a breathe then a hand grab her right shoulder. Elisa scream Ah-Ah the other hand came from her back cover her mouth.

Elisa hear closeness to her ear say keep quiet. She turn around and see a man around her age and he's handsome; whom grab her right shoulder. Elisa ask who are you ? where you come out from?? He says my name is Joe I am a human being. Joe bring her to another cabin and locks the door. Joe immediately grab Elisa arms and check then her neck and then ask her did they bite you? Elisa says what are you doing why are you locking the door? Joe says keep quiet; I am helping you. And you have not yet answer my question, did they bite you? Elisa answer "NO". This is a special cabin and it's the end thus those things out there takes time to get here. They can't enter if we locks the door. Elisa says what are those things out there? Joe reply just now you see the man is not human he is a walking corpse. They are the corpse that was dead in this train in the year 1800's it is called the Mid-Night Train. I have fought with those corpse out there and be careful not to let them bite you or else you will be like them. Elisa stare at Joe then ask "How are we going to get off this train?" Joe reply I don't know but we have to wait for the train to stop. Elisa ask Joe then why when the train stop for me to aboard you didn't get off the train?? Joe reply I saw you if you were a boy I could have leave the train without any worries. Elisa felt touch with his words.

Elisa & Joe chat for hours, days have passed. Elisa wonder how long more to get off this train. Joe give Elisa glass of water. (Note that Joe mention the special cabin that has water, food, First Aid, blanket, and newspaper). Elisa slip her glass and she cut her finger.... Joe sees and quick grab the First Aid while he say those corpse out there when they smell blood they become more aggressive. Joe quickly wrapped up Elisa wounds.

Joe hear some sounds outside the cabin. He says to Elisa keep quiet. He took out his heavy bag and open it. Then it seems like special weapons, Elisa says what are these things? Who are you? Why you have this things? Joe says no need to be afraid or scare this special weapons are for corpse only. Then Elisa ask how did you get these things? Joe say it was left in this cabin when I reach here, might be someone who left it behind or the person could have becomes a corpse out there; thus I used it. Elisa ask how many have you got rid off up to now. Joe answered many.... Joe tell Elisa you stay here I will go out; no matter what sounds you hear "Don't open the door" unless I open it . The corpse will not open the door. Take this timer if I am not back in an hour you stay here until the train stops. And this is for you (Joe left Elisa paper written by him with his photo necklace ). Joe leaves the cabin.

Here comes the exciting actions of the drama

Immediately after Joe went out Elisa closes the cabin door . Joe went out and fight the corpse.

Final Finale After Joe Left the cabin...

Elisa waited and suddenly the cabin door opens. Elisa look and then see Joe says come quickly. Elisa grab her belonging and she realize the train stops I told you to come out when the train stops why you didn't come out. Lucky I get in time. Joe hold tight Elisa hand and run. They got out of the train and then Joe kiss Elisa says I love you from the moment I see you aboard the train. If I had never aboard this train I will never get to know you. Elisa cries yes me too. Elisa & Joe married and happily together thereafter the Mid-Night Train was never been heard of.

Mid-Night Train Video


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