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Updated on May 8, 2015

Strange happenings in the night….I was not sleeping well, and something in my head said I need to write something. So, at 3:45AM I stumbled to my computer and for 15 minutes and I was basically dictated the below! The words were hitting me as I was writing. Maybe a bit strange….I swear it wasn’t me!!


Gather round friends we’ve stories to tell

We may not know them but we know them well

They’ve morphed with time while faces have changed

They sit inside us while we rearrange

Perspectives evolve with a new version told

The truth of the matter is really quite old

Syllables speaking queerly in time

They’re upside down but that’s just fine

Are we speaking in circles? Of course we are.

It’s oh so close but yet so far.

Imaginative words pulled from the air

Presenting a view that’s always been there

So what’s going on and why do we care

Why do we feel so far, yet so near

The story we tell is young yet it’s old

A tangled crutch we strive to hold

Cause when it all goes around and lands precisely in that spot

We may finally realize the circle is just a dot.


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