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Mighty Monkey Man

Updated on October 30, 2012

Mighty Monkey Man

Does lots of silly things.

He has two left feet

And gigantic paper wings.

He wears an ugly brown suit

And is only 4 feet tall

Sometimes he jumps and runs

But mostly he likes to crawl.

He goes from room to room

Monkeying around

He crawls on the furniture

While making his monkey sounds.

"You're making to much noise!"

Said Mommy to Mighty Monkey Man

"You'll have to calm down!

Do You understand?"

Mighty Monkey Man

Kept swinging from the lights

And suddenly he falls

Mommy turned the lights from dim to bright!

He tottered off into the kitchen

Two left feet and all

Tail sagging between his legs

And there before him lay the greatest treat of all!

Bananas! Bananas! Bananas!

Big and yellow and so many!

"Mommy would get mad.

She always says wait till after dinner!

No you can't have any!"

"Mighty Monkey Man

Will not sit in gloom!"
He said as he snuck those bananas

Straight up to his room!

He ate all his Might bananas

'Till he could eat no more

And then came it came...

KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! On his bedroom door!

Mighty Monkey Man

Hurried to clean his mess

In walked Mommy

He Yelled "I won't do it! I WON'T CONFESS!"

Mommy in complete dismay,

Stood there in shock for awhile.

And then she saw it!

That enormous banana pile!

Mighty Monkey Man sat

atop his banana throne,

Looking down at Mommy.

He hadn't realized how big his pile had grown!

"Did I really eat all that?" He thought.

"Mighty Monkey Man is king!

I see YOU my servant

Have come before me to sing!!!!"

I command you to speak!

I demand you do a jig!

I ask you do it quickly,

Before I throw you with the pigs!"

So Mommy thinking long and hard,

Did indeed dance and sing a song.

While Mighty Monkey Man

Decided to dance along.

"OH my beloved Mighty Monkey King!

It is to you I sing!

Your kingdom is a big huge mess!

When will you confess?

Your Mighty Banana Throne,

Three times this week has grown!

Time to clean up that banana pile!


Grounded to your kingdom you will be,

Until you listen to MIGHTY MONKEY MOMMY!"

Mighty Monkey Man stood in awe of his mother's words.

And replied...

"Mighty Monkey Man

Will dance no more.

Mighty Monkey Man

Will clean his kingdom from the floor."

Off came his tail and suit.

Off came his two left feet.

He threw out his banana throne,

'till his room was nice and neat.

"Mighty Monkey Man

Is no more!

He gets me into trouble.

So I am throwing him out the door!"

"I am but a boy.

Normal I will try to be,

But PLEASE Mighty Monkey Mommy

One more banana for me?"

Back to his room he went

One last banana in hand.

Then he saw it!

This suit was way too grand!!!






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