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Miles and Miles

Updated on September 15, 2014

150 miles.
That's how far away I am
from the boy
that broke my heart.
5,440 miles.
That's how far away I am
from you.
The boy
that stitched me up
and put me back together
What greater injustice
than having the hero
a world away
and the villain
just down the street.
Miles upon miles.
The ocean laughs in my face
and whispers sweet-nothings
in my ear
of the things I can't have
with the only person
I would want them to be with.
And I wish
I could have told you
everything I'm thinking now
with such conviction
on my front door step
instead of waiting
to throw it all together
in a nonsense poem.
The moon glares down at me
in disapproval
reminding me that
I am the moon
and you are the sun.
Always in orbit
but never aligned
and are only ever
reunited by an eclipse
once or twice a year
reminding us that
we are them
and they are us.
Miles and miles.
Oceans apart.
Nothing would be as sweet
as a touch
or to tell you
to your face
that you mean more to me
than all the miles upon miles
that lie in our way.


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