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That's my son

Updated on March 21, 2016
SOakes67 profile image

Steve is a Army Veteran who served from 1986-1992. He is Married with three children. He currently works in the battery industry.


Look over there you see him? Yes that’s the one!

That soldier there, that’s my son!

See him standing there, gut sucked in, chest proudly out.

He made it. What is that? No I never had a doubt.

How is that you say? Well let me tell you friend.

I knew that boy of mine would see it through to the end.

You see he has already been through a lotta shit.

But that boy of mine he never quit!

When problems came up he went around,

over, or just plowed right through.

I tried to teach him that's what men do.

Yeah, I guess you are right. He did learn it well.

I bet he has some stories about me to tell.

See, I was hard on him at times.

Maybe harder than I had to be.

But I wanted to get him to fill the potential I could see.

Now look at him! At attention standing in the formation.

Ready to answer, if called by our nation.

No brother. I did not get him to today.

He did that himself. I just occasionally pointed the way.

Well the ceremony is over, thanks, you take care too.

I got a soldier's hand to shake. And a son, I hope is not too tough now

To accept a hug or two.


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    • SOakes67 profile image

      Steve Oakes 22 months ago from Redford MI

      This was inspired by my sons graduation from Army Basic Training. He has since graduated from A.I.T, and been contracted by the Army ROTC program at University of Toledo.