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Millie Tant

Updated on March 16, 2011

Millie Tant is a character in the UK adult comic Viz and is a caricature of a radical feminist character. She was born as Millicent Buckridge Tant and considers herself a champion of "Wimmin"'s rights however her lack of compassion and the fact that she is so dismissive of others usually means that she causes more of a problem than solving one.

She usually vehemently decries men often referring to them as "phallocrats" or "rapists". She also loudly proclaims her lesbainism, and refers to "Wimmin" as "fellow lesbians",however there is no proof that she actually is lesbian and is more likely a frustrated heterosexual.

Here confused agenda usually allows her to see oppression and female denigration in anything, for instance freworks are considered "big explosive penises" that "skewer and rape the virgin female sky", or refusing to make a snow-man, instead offering to make a snow-black lesbian rape victim in a wheelchair, she also ended up calling an old lady that she was playing cards with a homophobe because she said she had a "straight flush".

At the end of each comic strip she usually forgets her beligerant feminist stance and is in a less than flattering light for instance asking a man to get rid of a mouse while she is standing on a chair, or knitting baby clothes with a simpering look on her face.

Millie Tant is Viz's most direct dig a over-the-top lefty feminists and considers most of them complete hypocrites.

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