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Mind Escapes by the Poetry Pryncess

Updated on June 24, 2011


summer breeze blows 'cross my neck.

The gentle sun rays kiss my face.

I close my eyes relax my thoughts,

my mind escapes this place.

I'm walking slowly thru the sand

my light heart beating fast.

My eye absorbing things around me,

I'm headed to my past.

I'm sitting now beside the water

as I wait... the waves begin.

Each tide carries a different memory

that I have treasured from within.

I see their faces floating past me,

they are the ones I cherished.

Different faces floating now...

oh, my loved ones perished.

I slip my hand inside the water

and gently give a swirl.

I'm looking now a blonde haired angel,

I was just a little girl.

I'm with my uncle learning fast

as he guides me in the pool.

Now here's my grandma with the ribbons

it's time to go to school.

The tide rolls now away from shore,

but wait here comes another.

A little older more unhappy

the problems with my mother.

The waves get rougher. The pain too much.

With Father I choose to stay.

I love you daddy but please please don't

let mommy take them away.

With both hands I try to hold

my siblings in their place

the cool water runs thru my fingers

and hot tears run down my face.

I close my eyes, relax my mind,

give my heart a break,

but soon here comes the rushing sound.

I gaze upon the lake.

I'm smiling now, and older too

talking with my new mother.

I cry with joy, I see her face

I could never find another.

Somehow I see inside of me

where I grew the most with her,

and when she stands behind me

I've never been so sure.

Suddenly it's darker now.

My body starts to shake.

Thunder booms and lightening strikes.

I'm running from the lake.

I'm crying now, running fast,

my happiness under attack.

I'm running still and screaming now


I open my eyes and see the sun

which quickly dries my tears.

I gaze up at razored fences and say...

only five more years.

The summer breeze blows 'cross my neck.

The gentle sun rays kiss my face.

I close my eyes release my thoughts,

my mind escapes this place.


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    • profile image

      Robin B. 6 years ago

      Wow. Awesome job PoetryPrynces!

    • poetrypryncess profile image

      poetrypryncess 6 years ago from new york

      Ok so I chose this as my first one because it is basically my life story up until a certain point. I thought that this would be a great way for me to introduce my work and myself at the same time. So let me know what you think :)