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Mind in matter does matter!

Updated on January 3, 2015

In the red hot pulsing desert glaze

My soul is restlessly turning in search for direction

Fed up with the strayed people wandering in an aimless daze

Why crave so persistently ultimate perfection?

It’s all due to a belief I yet not fully understand

No, nothing in the universe needs correction

Yet we could all use a little push, as observed from psychological dissection

To elucidate: existence is great but could be greater

Why only and forever take pleasure in acceptance?

Showing no initiative, hoping destiny will cater

When you can perpetuate an effort of care and benevolence?

To foster the perplexity and beauty of your inner muse

To a dream made real here before your eyes

The beauty of imaginative energy and reality can really fuse

Take life to the next level and create your own paradise


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    • profile image

      Open Heart 3 years ago

      Sometimes we have to create our own purpose for living.