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Minnesota Musing: Does Religion Give You the Right to be Racist

Updated on August 25, 2017

What is a Racist?

A racist is someone who defines another person by where their heritage began or where it is at the current time and place.

What prompted this page is an article that I just finished reading that forcibly explains that there are words in the Bible that reinforce some people's claims for superiority.


As with any knowledge, what you are taught is the ideal that you try to stick with and tend to not stray from it. As a parent, you try to teach your child the difference between right and wrong. Choices.

The Bible is the Way and the Truth

The Bible that I am familiar with is the King James version. The book explains how the Earth was restructured with light and dark, sky and ground and water, and it explains how the creatures were created, food for all and then, finally man was created, then woman from a rib.

God's gift to man. A friend.

These two became companions, both emotional and sexual.

Garden of Eden: The Forbidden Fruit and the Snake

Adam was given instructions about all the food that was available in the garden and told he could eat of all of it, except the fruit from some tree.

As the story goes, by the time Eve arrived, that tree was still there, and there was this snake that convinced Eve that the fruit was okay to eat. She was talked into by the snake. She relayed the information to Adam, and they both ate of the fruit.

That is when trouble began.

There was a change in their vision. They were shocked to find that they could see each other in a new way. They were naked. Aware. They were now aware that they were naked.

Up to that point, they were oblivious that they were naked.

Let Me Repeat That

They were aware that they were naked. Before that moment, they were oblivious to the fact that they had no clothes on.

I am not amazed by this. I feel a small amount of common sense rising in my brain that there were no clothing stores at the time. But, the nagging thought keeps eating at my brain. I have sat naked at times. Your rear end is more sensitive than that.

We have this, as humans, from birth, and then, about age eight, we become aware that we need clothes. Up to that point, our parents struggle to convince us that we indeed need clothes on.

I question how a person could not know that they were naked. The power of that fruit was tremendous, as the story goes, but actually, the power of God was tremendous.

And, the power of God is my point in this page.

The Power of God

We see the power of God in this creation of his. Earth is a well constructed, inter connected, dependent on a chain of events type of environment.

No one knows how long this environment has been around for sure. There isn't enough knowledge for that to happen. It's been that way for a long time. We, as people, just don't know enough about everything to understand.

Let's just say our vision is limited. As we grow in our understanding, we just become aware of how naked we are.

As the songs in church say, we are to 'trust in the Lord with all our hearts, and lean not unto our own understanding. In all of our ways, acknowledge Him and he will direct our path."

Look Around You

Alaska has glaciers that enclosed live animals, and froze them in time, as they were at the time of the initial impact. The ice is constantly melting and crashing into the water.

Where did the water for that ice come from? Well, there's the story of the flood in the Bible, where Noah took the animals and brought them aboard a giant boat.

The rainbow, according the the Noah's ark story, was God's promise that he wouldn't eliminate any people with floods again. Of course, there probably was some fine print about tornadoes and hurricanes and some other legal issues that you really needed to look closely to read.

Which brings me to another random point. Shouldn't there be a layer in the rocks and minerals group, in the sedimentary layer, that has a lot of skeletons of humans?

After all, the whole point of the flood was to wipe out a lot of people that God was finished with. That wasn't the only time in the Bible that he eliminated people that were not up to his expectations.

The Passover

Let's talk about the sheep blood, or the blood of the lamb, over the door tops in Moses time. That baby, Moses, was supposed to be killed. But, as the story goes, the baby was tossed in a basket and was adopted by a lady who found him floating down the river.

That small event, changed history.

He Will Direct Our Path

The Lord will direct our path.

The Lord has failed a few times. He failed to convince people that he is real. He eventually sent his son, Jesus, to convince us that there was more to the eye than we were aware of.

There were many who saw and believed. Fish and bread that multiplied. People who blind, could see again. People who were lame, could walk again. People who were dead, got up and walked again.

There were many people who witnessed the things that Jesus did. But, Jesus was very powerful. Jesus is God's son. He was placed on Earth to prove a point. The point was ignored by some, and the famous trial of Jesus is recorded in the Bible. There are witnesses that testified about the event.

He was even put to death, placed in a cave with a large rock blocking the entrance, just to disprove the stories.

God is more powerful than a rock.


Why does no one question the miracle of Abraham and Sarah, having a baby in their old age, and God telling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac.

The sacrifice did not happen, God sent a lamb to die in Isaac's place. The sheep appeared stuck in a bush.

Now, these things didn't just happen. They weren't a coincidence. God is very powerful.

Being Racist

Being Racist, or considering yourself to be better than someone else, just because you think so, or being considered inferior by someone else, just because they are arrogant as well, is apparently part of human nature.

People are anal about a lot of things, especially when it involves rules about certain things. Rule followers create a lot of situations that create extra problems. We have law enforcement individuals who know the rules and try to enforce them.

The problem exists world wide. Fear is a major motivator in being racist. Color of skin is a major motivator for racism. The Bible has major rules in the Old Testament to follow, but the New Testament gives us rules as well.

The problem exists because the middle of the Bible contains a trial of a man who created proof of his existence in miraculous ways, and he was put to death before the news was to get out. The news got out anyways. It is said that people who did not witness Jesus, but still believe in the stories of the miracles, will be blessed.

There were people who wanted to throw rocks at a woman for prostitution. They felt that she was in the wrong and needed to die. Jesus protected her from them. He told them that unless they had never done anything wrong themselves, they were not to throw any rocks.

It's the rules that create people who are Racist.


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