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Mirror into myself chapter 2

Updated on July 28, 2013

Mirror into Myself (chpt 2)

Then the boy screamed “Stay away, Stay away from me”.

He turned to the door but this time the boy was frantic, screaming “hurry mom, hurry”.

Banging on the door loudly and rapidly.

I can tell the boy was deeply frightened, for he dropped his teddy bear which was so forever clenched to his hand.

While this child screamed and banged on the door, I peered into the darkness behind him trying to find the source of his fright.

Looking into the darkness I concentrated all of my effort until I could see clearly.

What I saw before my eyes was only a short glimpse of what resembled a man and a beast of which something I have never laid eyes upon before.

The aura of this beast was black.

It seemed to be a tall figure, a brown skinned man with a rather large hood on with black jeans and black shoes.

But what placed fear into my soul was seeing this thing, but there was no face nor hands,

for which I was astonished and confused on how the hood covered this beast’s head, and also

the beast held a belt in what was supposed to be his hands, but it just hung in nothing, such as

a hanger on an empty rack.

The beast had wings, one white, one black, and began walking forward in the direction of the boy.

Lying in my bed I began to shout “Run boy; hurry an open the door before you are slain by that godforsaken beast”.

This I can say, I was shocked, the boy turned to me and said “I shall not be slain by him, by this creature, you will not take me, I cannot die right now, Jene”.

I was amazed that this boy said what he said,

but even more astounded that he knew my name.

Confused as I lay in complete agony as my eyes lay witness,

the young boy began to change.

He began to grow older and taller almost as if he was about 14 years of age.

He turned facing the door placed his hand through the key shape at the top of the door and opened the door slightly.

As he opened the door a blinding light came from within the other side of the door

emanating brightly and illuminating the dark hallway.

Then he vanished into the Light.


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