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Mirror or a Glass?

Updated on May 18, 2016

Am I Real or Are You Fake?

I guess it doesn't really matter.

I guess I shouldn't feel this way.

But sometimes "shouldnts" aren't enough

To make the pain just go away.

Can't take it; just can't do it.

Don't you see me dying here?

Can't fake it; just can't do it.

I refuse to be that strong.

What is so bad about just being real

What is so bad about letting me feel?

Why is it hard to just once understand

What you've never allowed to be real?

So when the pain is all I'm feeling, and you just don't understand,

Do I suck it up, or let you know? Do I let you see, or give you a show?

Are you seeing you, or seeing me?

Am I a mirror or a glass?

Or does it really matter? Either way---I'm gonna crack.

I know I "should" get over it; I know I "should" let go

After all, you do just fine. But see, what you don't know,

Is that you've lost your will to what the world wills you to be.

But all this world has given up their wills to other wills.

You're putting on a show when you're the only audience.

So why attempt to fool the ones already fooling you?

When what is strong for you is but a mockery of me,

You see the sheer hysteria of your hypocrisy?

You walk around, your head held high, Your high heels on the ground,

And never take a break to let your eyes just look around.

Your phone is ringing. Car is running. People taking orders, money, laughing, yelling, making pl...

Do you ever stop to breathe?

If you did you might just see the pain that wails into our ears.

But no, to see our pain would be to see the pain in you.

People are the same, throughout the years, since time began.

Don't think you can disguise yourself with blueprints made by man.

It's falling apart, do you see it?

It's screaming at me, can you hear it?

It's tearing me up, can you feel it?

Or am I forever lost in your obscurity?

The walls are caving in. Where are you?

The ground is shaking. Why aren't you helping?

The wind is screaming. How can you not hear it?

Where the heck is humanity here?

You're human. Face it. Ask yourself

The questions. Laugh or say you're angry.

Tell them that you love them.

Cry your eyes out. Just break down.

Let yourself be dead sometimes; it might just help you live.

And when it's over, walk away, and always try again.

There's reasons why there's such a thing as tears, don't be afraid.

There's such a thing as laughter that will wash the tears away.

But you can't just DO that? why? well then you'd actually be real.

And what we see, and feel and hear, you'd have to see it too.

You'd have to let yourself be human, let yourself be true.

And-oh the worst- your deepest soul would genuinely feel.

I'm not suggesting that we live in gloom and misery.

At least just choose the pain which heals-- the pain of being free.

For after tears there's laughter and then after pain there's hope.

The only thing you're losing is the mask you made to cope.


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    • word55 profile image

      Word 17 months ago from Chicago

      Umm, very expressive. I enjoyed the poem!

    • AshtonFirefly profile image

      AshtonFirefly 17 months ago

      Thanks so much Margie!

    • Margie Lynn profile image

      Margie Lynn 17 months ago from Beautiful Texas Hill Country

      That is awesome, wish I could write like that. I could feel all of this as I was reading I!

    • AshtonFirefly profile image

      AshtonFirefly 5 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback! :)

    • laurathegentleman profile image

      laurathegentleman 5 years ago from Chapel Hill, NC

      Very powerful, and it perfectly captures some of the feelings I've been struggling with today. Beautifully written!

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 5 years ago from Shelton

      emotionally charged.. yep another one up and awesome