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My first memories

Updated on March 31, 2016

How will being a child today ?

I must admit that despite my years still delight of good cartoons, those that leave you a lesson or at least a good smile. Adult me ‚Äč‚Äčlike those that contain violence, black humor and bawdy jokes. But without hesitation that gives rise to the feeling and makes me enjoy them more and more are the stories that make you stay wanting to see the next episode.

To my thinking in cartoons makes me think of my childhood, back to thinking about the games of that time, to go out to the friends and spend evenings enjoying the infant stage, school, studies, remembering the eternal smile and love my parents who have always given me. But think about all this I can not stop thinking about how it will be being a child today.

Being a child living through technology, preferring to spend hours in front of a cell that play with a wooden box, where there is bullying and demands their parents. A world that when compared with us is totally bizarre.

I would like to know how this world children live. In my blog you can see different stages of life but each want you to realize the reality we are living and the world we have so affected. I would like to help change our times and this my friends is my bit, I hope you like it.

Games can not compare today with us I play live
Games can not compare today with us I play live | Source

The Cartoon that makes me feel like a child

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