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Updated on May 10, 2014

As I ensconced in the office after 6 days away; trying hard to re-focus and catch up with the piling up work. The internet was choked and frown (my colleague's moniker) came in and gave me his usual dosage of "Wisdom". Hmmm! not a good start after 6 days of meandering misfortune. I turned to Frown and said - "There is always another side, another perspective. It is important to reflect on it." Frown looked away puzzled.

As my son's misfortune continued to unfold and we were thankful that his second operation did not call for skin grafting. He was stung by a bee like insect and his right hand was swollen to the point that a surgery was required to release the pressure built up within his hand, failing to do so, he might lose some mobility and sensation to the hand - his first operation. I sat by him after he regained consciousness, I looked at his stitched up hand and said "All these because of a tiny bee!". He looked at me and said that he did not think he was unlucky and he would do all to have 100% mobility back. I patted his head and said that was a good attitude but I went on to say that there are things in our lives that are really out of our control no matter how perspicacious one can be and similarly we can't change the mistake we made the day before. If we accept that, the more we should try our very best to accomplish things that are under our control and do well in whatever we do. Kick the ball harder and stay on in your next practice session when you are sulkily sitting on the substitute bench, revised your textbook once more time when you have another 2 hours before exam even you feel you have prepared well. I wonder if my young son understood the moral of the story or he simply wanted me to shut up as he nodded his head. But I surely hope that whoever is reading this would reflect on it. Reflect on good fortune as well as the bad ones. Stay positive or negativity will sink you further. This is not self denial or self deceiving; it is a matter of fact.

Now, my son's recovery is completely under his control even he will have to go through some painful stretching hand exercises. It will be his call to endure the pain or to lose certain mobility. As his father, I can only nag or encourage him to soldier on. But both of us have to take control - he does not to give up despite the pain and my encouragement not to be deterred by my frustration during the day. The fact is we choose.


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