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Miss Prudent.

Updated on October 18, 2009


Miss Prudent!



She was always timid
but it saved her life twice,
once she refused
to enter an elevator,
that a strange

passenger was on.

Turns out he

was a psychopath,
who murdered an old lady
between the fifth

and seventh floors.

Another time she was about to
pay a visit to an elderly lady,
but heard a low growling in the bushes.
she turned and went right back home,
and notified authorities.
the police captured a rabid dog
on the same property two hours later.

Unfortunately she

worked on the 109th
floor of the World Trade Towers,
when the hijacked plane hit.
She hid under her desk,
trembling and in shock,
after the cataclysmic explosion.
She refused to

come out and evacuate,
when fellow office workers
begged her to leave.
She felt it would be safer to wait
for some help from below,
but she was swallowed up
by the collapse

and never found.

Courage has its failings,
and the timid tread there wisely
but fear can also

abandon its own worshipers..

to a realization of its traps.


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