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Misspelling for Entertainment

Updated on January 21, 2012

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My Wife wrote this and I edited it. She asked if I would publish it and I did.

Misspellings for Entertainment

We have all seen typos and misspellings that have brought a smile, if not a laugh. I personally love to peruse Craigslist for the many errant misspellings that totally change the meaning of the advertisement listed. Emails sent from work are another personal favorite as they are rife with comical misspellings.

Ewe just never no when you wheel come across a misspelling. Four instants, a Craigslist ad for a “dinning room table”. Is that wear people get together and eat or fight? Or another add fore a lovely “slay bed”! Knot a restful place, in my opinion!

An email sent to all employees at work the other day advised everyone of some technical difficulties and ended by thanking everyone for “there patients”. Sometimes, a co-worker and eye wheel porpoise-fully misspell words sew that whee can brake up the monotony of a stressful day. Whee like two due that!

Keep an eye out for misspellings in newspapers as well; they can be a source of amusement for more reasons than the comics! Hue nose…maybe eww wheel even bee lucky enough to discover some fun grammatical Miss Takes! Knead an example? How about “Who’s Free Speech” as seen in the LA Times on April 8, 2008. So, I wonder who is Free Speech? Odd name for anyone…

As amusing as these occurrences may be, they can also be annoying. Our children attend school for a minimum thirteen years, presumably to learn to read, write, and reason. Yet correct spelling and grammar does not seem to be important any longer, even in the business world. The latest generation to enter the workforce has learned that spellcheck simply needs to be turned on when working on the computer (which is used on most jobs) and – voila! No spelling errors. It’s like magic.

Even grammatical errors may be caught by a squiggly green line in a Word doc. “Fragment. Consider revising” right-clicking the mouse on the squiggly line tells the writer. But, who will tell the writer how to revise the sentence in order to correct the fragment?

Text messaging, emailing, and instant messaging simply encourages misspellings and incorrect grammar. “R U coming 4 dinner?”, “BRB”, and “Cya” are common ways in which communication now occurs. I was informed by a twenty-something year old co-worker that he never learned to write cursive; even reading it is hard for him. This statement came from a college graduate. This is not a generation that values the written word – I mean, really written. The therapeutic value of physically putting pen to paper and writing heartfelt thoughts that will bring joy to the one receiving the missive in the mail is not one of life’s pleasures often experienced anymore.

Lest you think proper spelling and grammar can actually be corrected by computer rather than application of knowledge of our beautiful English language, try this experiment: copy and paste the first four paragraphs of this article into a Word doc and use the spelling and grammar check from ‘Tools’ in the toolbar. I rest my case!

Buy four now!

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    • Jerry Watson profile imageAUTHOR

      Jerry Watson 

      9 years ago from Hermitage, Tennessee

      Thanks, UW. I thought my wife did a great job with this one. She always comes home from work and tells me this kind of thing she saw at work. Thanks for your post.

    • Uninvited Writer profile image

      Susan Keeping 

      9 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

      Well said. I also get a laugh looking at some of the titles here on HubPages for misspellings :)


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