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Mistake of Betrayal

Updated on February 23, 2013

Betrayal of the one you love

The tone of my phone starts to ring

It's 1 in the morning and someone is disturbing my sleep

As he looks over

His face turns to anger

And he began to question me

I don’t answer cause in my head

I already have a clue of who it could be

So I tell him it's an anonymous call

While he starts to dose off

I sneak out and close the door behind

Walking quietly into the hall

"Where are you" the voice on the other line speaks

Hold on a minute

As I take a peek

I have to call you in the morning okay

Make sure you answer

I love you I say

Wake up there he is lying next to me

All I could think is how he is just so naive

He can see me lying through my teeth

But yet he decides it’s alright

Therefore I continue to deceive

I can see his reflection in the mirror when he washes his face

As if he's trying to wash off the knowing of me being with another man

In his home, in his place

The thought of another man eating off his plates

He turns to me with such disgrace

Now here I am giving my time to this other man who can't fully have me as his own

And the fact that when I want to leave

He has no one, he's alone

Could that be the reason that he is so attach

Like a bird that cant hatch

So he refuses to let go of me

And so even if I wanted to

I couldn't turn back

Back the hands of time

If only I'd realized

Here I have a man

Who is very much in love with I

But yet I’m here with this other guy

Who now I've made lifelong ties

Caught between two men

Breaking their hearts

Playing with their lives

I’m breaking down into pieces

This wasn't my intent at all

You have got to believe me

I can smell the hurt

What have I done?

I served up this man's world

Should’ve been the woman he needed

Perhaps stick to being a one man kind of girl

What was I confused

Was i lost?

Or really seduced

While this man felt used

But at the time I felt I had nothing to lose

Just to tell you the truth

Yes, I know what I did can’t be excused

But If I only I knew

That I would regret this and it would leave a reputation

Not to be trusted! With what I say or what I do

Oh, I have to tell him; I certainly have to

I have to let one man know I can’t continue this secret relation

I’m hesitant of this

My adrenaline is running high; I’m getting quite frustrated

I’m nervous, sitting here contemplating

I can see that he will not be at ease

But I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-just please

Just please understand, you see

Then I have the other man that is my partner, my love, my friend

Silly ole’ me

This can never happen again

I want to tell them both but I’m having difficulty thinking straight

This will only blow into a mess

Therefore I’m thinking maybe I should wait

The truth will eventually come

But not in this way

So it's probably best I keep my mouth shut

Postpone the truth to a later date

Now we all we had is fake

All because I cheated and betrayed

But it was certainly just a mistake

That I never should have made


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