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Mr. Smarty, the Alligator Plays Baseball

Updated on September 21, 2017
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Sheila's a kids' picture book author. She loves to share her moving children's stories with her readers!

Mr. Smarty was finally allowed to play baseball! Steve saves the day by taking the little alligator to his new quarters on the double. Mr. Smarty dreamt of the soccer games he had won and how he was going to get into baseball too. Somebody needed to give him a fair chance at playing a mean game of baseball first. Who knew if somebody would afford him a time out! Nevertheless, Mr. Smarty would try his best.

Mr. Smarty Loved to Hang with His Clique of Cronies

One day in a small town; Mr. Smarty hung with a clique of cronies, not common run of the mill pals of the neighborhood. His friends believed in love and friendship. As a matter of fact, by that time, the group had already begun to study together and played on the same squad of teams. Some unknown and undistinguished boy started marking the city school's playground to play a fast game of baseball, and he overstepped his ground.

Mister Smarty posed for a picture to shows off his smarts!
Mister Smarty posed for a picture to shows off his smarts! | Source

Mr. Smarty's Arms Were Too Short to Play

“Hey,” Mister Smarty said smugly. “Can I play too?”

“We’re playing a game of mean baseball,” the boy said. “And your arms are too short and green to play a good game!”

“I may be verdant, but I'm strong and skillful at playing basketball,” Mr. Smarty cried. “Besides, this is my soccer field, and you weren't invited to play baseball here!”

“Says who?” the boy yelled as he clutched his fists and gritted his jaw.

“Our school’s principal, that’s who,” Mr. Smarty hollered.

Steve Saved the Day

Just then Steve with books in hand came sauntering leisurely by.

“What's going on Mister Smarty? Why are you so blue?”

“A brutish boy won’t allow me to play a good game of baseball!”

“Well, why not,” Steve asked?

“He thinks I can’t play a great game,” Mr. Smarty cried somberly.

Steve gaped at the smart boy, and hollered, “This field is only for the soccer players of our school; except, if you will allow Mister Smarty to join you, it’ll be okay to play a fresh game of baseball here too!”

The boy shrugged his shoulders and grinned his teeth, “I guess you’re in, burly little alligator! There's no other way to play a fine baseball game without you?”

Mr. Smarty Stretched His Little Arms to Play

Mister Smarty beamed, and scurried to pick up a huge baseball bat! Students were already gathered in the pews, amid Aida, the youngest of the bunch! They started chanting to egg Mr. Smarty on! He crafted his drive and stretched his little arms. Then he clinched the large, heavy bat after he waited for the pitcher to pitch a flimsy ball.

The ball shot to the outer field when he swung his finicky arms, and with that, he darted first and second base! Just when the verdant alligator was to reach third base; his energy paled. He drastically shrank and shriveled within seconds and he now resembled a prune! He was once three feet higher now he was a minute baby alligator. He was ashamed!

To catch his breath, the tiny alligator now resembling a cricket slid into a cool spot underneath the third base plate. Everyone marveled about Mister Smarty the second he peered out before their bright, bushy eyes.

Steve shrieked, “Mr. Smarty where are you! I can't see you anymore!”

And Aida eagerly whispered in Steve's ear, “Your darling alligator has dug a hole underneath the third base plate.”

Perhaps, Mr. Smarty Chickened Out of the Baseball Game!

Steve pompously walked on the baseball field to seize Mr. Smarty by its long tail. He placed him in his jacket pocket and stroked his top.

The players supposed Mister Smarty had chickened out of the baseball game since he was so ill at ease with the boy who mocked his flimsy arms.

“Good,” bawled the pitcher! “We’ll play a finer game without him.”

“Come on, Aida, we must head to Mr. Smarty's quarters at once,” Steve shouted with fright!

Mr. Smarty started grumbling, “I’m starving for artificial intelligence! Please, feed me a tasty turkey sandwich this instance!”

“Not at this moment, you must exhibit patience Mister Smarty!” Aida said. And they scuttled through the city parks along the auto roads.

Mister Smarty Was Safer in Steve's Care

They eventually reached Steve’s stately mansion and he set Mr. Smarty in his dainty aquarium. The little alligator was so worn out and was excessively sleepy! He rested on his bed of rocks and felt comfy. He grabbed his belly. Surprisingly, he quickly slumbered off.

“As soon as Mister Smarty wakes up, I’ll fix him his favorite meal, a ham sandwich with mangoes,” Lesley said with fervor.

“I believe Mr. Smarty is safer in your care; I guess I’ll see you in class, in the morning, Steve.”

“Thank you, Aida!”

Aida ran home to do her classwork, before the sunset. And Steve speculated on what caused Mister Smarty to lose so much steam, in the twinkling of his eyes. Mr. Smarty was at all times well-fed and played an awesome game of Soccer. I bet he can play a fine game of Baseball!

However, who in this grand city and wonderful town of Rock Town was capable of knowing the mystery abounding this brawny, brainy little alligator. Nevertheless, I will know for sure one day, I'll definitely and totally understand the know-how of Mr. Smarty! Steve laughed out loud and made a small note in his school journal for safekeeping.

"Mister Smarty Will Play a Better Game of Baseball Too!"

© 2012 Sheila Craan


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