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Poetry: Mistress

Updated on February 23, 2013


Alone in the dark

Thinking of you

Eyes closed tight

Memories few

Waiting for foot steps

Knock at the door

Heart stops beating

Emotions soar

Door opens up

You walk through

I run to your arms

You know what to do

We laugh, we giggle

Reality floods in

No time for regrets

Thoughts of past sin

Wanting your body

What we had

No time to think

Needing you so bad

Naked before you

Moonlight filters inside

Your hands all over

No sense to hide

The pleasure and passion

Found by your hands

Too much too fast

I can’t even stand

Over and under

Bodies won’t stop

Fevered pace kept

Till all energy drops

Panting and shaking

Holding you tight

I know you will leave

I know this isn’t right

Watching you leave

Feels like a knife

Going home now

Back to your wife


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