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Misunderstood - a poem

Updated on May 21, 2014

Little angels sleep in every raindrop…

…and when a raindrop falls to the ground, they die…

Thrown away in her asphalt dream

She has been made to cry too often…

And, somehow, she never seems to wake.

Hiding the sorrow within the dullness

Of her own body feels so pleasant…

Pleasant to die for…

Every little breath hurts her,

But the path has been chosen…

What a picturesque sight!

She’s been crawling through life for so long

With no one to notice her pain…

There’s no one to kill her fake smile.

Blinded by love’s beautiful face

She has been broken so many times…

Cruelty lies in her barren heart.

Silent whispers hidden within a kiss

Manage to drown her every time,

'Cause to forget just feels so nice…

But to feel is not enough…

He could never understand that…

Not even when he saw her tears…

Trembling with fear she embraces him

And still… it’s not clear to him,

She is slowly fading…

So he’ll never get a chance to say goodbye.

© 2014 Tanja Trkulja


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    • Tanja B Trkulja profile image

      Tanja Trkulja 3 years ago from Serbia

      The lyrical subject is in pain because of constant inability to say what is wrong and accepting every bit of harsh and unacceptable treatment in the name of 'love', until the final break down.

    • George Abreu profile image

      George Abreu 3 years ago from Palm Beach, FL

      Is the pain emotion or the unknown?