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Misunderstood & miscomprehended

Updated on December 24, 2016

A series of misunderstandings and miscomprehensions... As if life itself is something that you do not understand, or quiet possibly perhaps life, and the world in its’ entirety, misunderstands and misinterprets you? Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Oh, the illusory view.

From the point of origin you are marked, you are misunderstood, you are viewed as indifferent, and unique. Nevertheless you suffer from intolerance, and indifference. Your gift is of unique measure and your skill-set is unsurpassed- may you show the world your skill, your glory, your magnificence.

For it is beautiful, it is fluent, it is collaborated with deep significance, and infused with emotion, purpose, and self-encryption. May you not feel misunderstood, may you not feel miscomprehended, may you not feel as if though you have no sense of belonging. Instead may you feel that regardless of your situation, your struggle, your self analysis, and the viewpoint of others, that someone understands you- comprehends you. That someone can relate to you, and that someone has the key to decipher you. Decryption.

"You are to be understood, and you are to be comprehended."


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