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Erin B Poetry: Random Thoughts and Things

Updated on February 3, 2015

The Children

Her bright eyes shine and elven voice sings.

My finger drums as his chopping thrums.

The happiness of children is so free and wild;

The ease of their life remains secure.

Their voices are filled

With small pricks of hope and

They are always so demure.

Her eyes and her voice shine on me to break away 

from the monotony of another day.

My Beautiful Daughter


Making Music

My head spins with

The colorful chaos.

My fingers jump and wrists twist.

My rhythm is steady and melody

Is exploding

From deep inside.


My arms are  prancing

Back and forth.

Side to side.

My eyes drift out of focus.

Up and down

Around and around.

All my strength melts

Into the ivory keys,

And blends into one sound.

Loud then soft.

Powerful then faint.

My eardrums pound

Like a hailstorm on a wooden roof.

Adrenaline flows swiftly

To the tips of violet fingernails.

Hear the singing,

Feel the harmony.

Mixed Moods

Sweet solitudes soft sighing

Fills the air with hushes

hailing in the heaven's highest sky.

The clouded caress of the closest color

Continues to carefully creep

Through your eyes,

Turning the tension into

tranquil tides of ease.

The comfort has seeped out again,

Leaving behind aching attacks of anxiety

Akin to worried stress, and

The never-ending surprises every day!

The sudden acceleration of nerves

Causes tension to rise up,

Swallowing the calm within.

As I continue to search

For my own haven,

the ring of hate

Grows darker, and shrouds me

In layers thick and rough.


She's a goddess or maybe a queen and It seems as if she lives in a bubble

Of pure yellow gold sunshine. If you get close enough, you'll be inside it too.

There are sprinkles of smiles scurrying to grant her every wish.

Her wish is unselfish and unyielding to herself.


Anything and everything comes together When she speaks one single word

Coating every hateful person with magic. Love for them that she will always have,

Love that is returned.This angel seems a haven for lonely,Sad people.

They will all smile When they happen to glance her way.


She is almost out of reach, but I know that she is real.

Struggling to survive in the midst of turmoil, her sunshine hanging on

In threads. There is only one wish I ask of you, my dearest friend.

I wish to know your secret to the warmth of sun you bring.


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    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 6 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      Erin - You have a great gift and I thank you for sharing your poetry. I love reading everything you write. Voted up and awesome.


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