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Ashwani Shakya - A Writer from the core

Updated on July 30, 2016

Ashwani Shakya

Ashwani Shakya - a popular Headboy of his High School, is now a Graduate in Commerce from University of Delhi, currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy from ICAI.

He spent his childhood in Etah and moved to New Delhi in 2003 with family.

His think-before-smiling attitude keeps a suspense behind that secret. He is coffee-a-holic and Cricket is his First Love; I guess Second, Third and many more Love(s) come sooner.

After short story 'I thought she loved me' in anthology Half Baked Love kick-started his literary career; he has been unstoppable. Shayris, poems, short-stories; nothing is out of reach from his intellectual mind.

He also got featured in a magazine named Writing Geeks

A Short Interview with Ashwani

1. Full name?

Ashwani Shakya

2. Favourite Cuisine?

South Indian Food

3. Favourite Song?

I love different types of music so it’s hard for me to pick one song but if I have to select one, it’s got to be ‘Agar Tum Sath Ho’ from movie Tamasha.

4. Favourite Place?

I’ve been to few places and I liked most of them but my favourite is Taj Mahal, its beauty leaves my mouth opened in wow whenever I visit it.

5. A Memorable Day? Why is it Memorable?

10th April 2016, the book launch of ‘Half Baked Love’. It was the first time I saw my name printed in the pages of a book and for a writer; it is the feeling which cannot be compared to anything. Surely, it’s got to be one of the most memorable days of my life.

6. Hobbies?

Reading, browsing internet for tech related stuff in leisure time and enjoying myself.

7. What made you to write ‘I thought she loved me’?

There is no interesting story behind it. I always loved writing, whether it be poems or short stories and when I got to know about HBL, I took it as an opportunity to live my passion of writing and get published. So, I wrote this story especially for HBL.

8. Essence of ‘I thought She Loved Me’ in a single line?

A Story showcasing emotions that every relationship has, random sweet-nothings, love, friendship, and most importantly the faith and the patience.

9. Any special incidence you remember about ‘I thought she loved me’ or ‘Half Baked Love’?

There are many sweet stories I remember about HBL but I would like to share an incident no one knows about. While I was writing the sequence of the story where guy proposes the girl, I was not satisfied with the lines I wrote, I was feeling like something is lacking. So, to be assured, I proposed one of my friends with same words as I wrote in the story. She was amused by the words and it assured me that whatever I have written is good. Later I told her the reason behind the proposal. It was little bad I know, but this is something I would remember for a long time.

10. Looking Back, How would you term your experience with HBL?

Amazing and awesome. It has helped me a lot to improve as a writer. I’m yet to be published again so you can’t really compare ‘me before HBL’ and ‘after HBL’. But I personally feel that I have improved a lot as a writer, thanks to HBL team.

11. Favourite movie?

3 idiots

12. Something special about you that you would like to tell the world?

I follow my heart; I do whatever I like as I believe it’s the best way to live your life. I believe in creating memories now rather regretting later.

13. A word/phrase that encapsulate you?


14. If you were to ask God for 2 wishes, what would those be?

Resipiscence for fools and peace in the world.

15. What’s your biggest fear, if any?

Yes I fear something, but you would find it funny. I fear trains; I have the fear that someday while crossing railway lines I would meet a train accident. It’s really funny I know but I do fear this.

16. Your next venture?

I have few plans for future but as of now, I’m writing a novel with one of my co-authors of HBL and it’s based on romance and mystery genre.

Writers do Like Writers!!

Straight from the Heart

Source: Facebook, Half Baked Love, Ashwani Shakya

© 2016 Mo K Sh


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