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Mocha Over A Paradise Noon

Updated on December 2, 2014

Def Poetry Sonia

Woman Poetry

Woman Poetry
Woman Poetry | Source

Music As Inspiration

hopefully she’ll have specs

famously above her head

hair cut close spirals speckled silver

like mine even though our ages differ ends

sassy still emanating power to her pen

maybe my approach will soften her militant views

she already has my full adoration

she might stall me …think it’s a fair trade

we could order coffee at Panera’s…sharing pragmatisms over scones

her wisdom height of brunch

if she tells me when it comes to expressions

writing emoting whether with key or scribble

I am one of her infants… nursed on her abstract

I’ll be near faint from knighting of me…provided intercession

my kingdom she invited a mutual friend

greeting us with “Hey what is the happenings…I say what is the happenings” my friends

we respond in like jawn, “It’s gotta be you my sister so come on in”

Poet Trisha Low



Ramya Ramana
Ramya Ramana | Source

Miss American Spoken Word

To Love

To Love
To Love | Source

The Conclusion

if I can get them both to share aspirations of ingenuity

then it would tempt me to applause with each utterance after the period

second soul city mentor as savvy as the first

I’d spatula like good eggs

to find how I got through this café merger… nerves intact

as most coveted poetesses of Ebony literati lent me company

the one with bohemian frock majestic pug nose

crowned in organic do wound of double glory

underneath her nose a smile broad enough for three

asking what in the few minutes before she arrived did she miss

we assure now things can start at her presence

while inside myself I am gathering wits like falls neon leaves

that I am grasping talent and hands


the Sonia

the Nikki

mocha's excellent two


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