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Modern Trends of Technology and Human Rights -Why Euthanasia?

Updated on February 6, 2017

Modern Trends of Technology and Human Rights -A Beautiful Idea:- Why Euthanasia?

I heard a radio conversation, couple of years back, about Euthanasia (make terminally ill patients to die painlessly). I had penned something in mind at that time regarding the discussion. I got an innovative idea from that discussion. I am just putting it down now. Better late than never.

I can’t depict the name of the patient immediately from my mind as it was a bit long ago. I didn’t even think of noting down the details of the patient as I was not in a position to imagine for such a great platform to portray my ideas to all. But it is true that the patient was a woman.

A Woman’s Euthanasia (make terminally ill patients to die painlessly):

I feel the same pain the patient might have felt while she was in coma. The pain, particularly when she found herself that she could not respond to her sense and sometimes when she could sense nothing. How much fear she might have gone through before she realize again that she was and is in Comma.

The most fearful, heart bleeding, suffocating, breathe taking moments are those moments that makes her- back to comma again and again; have gone through by herself to realize her condition. That might be the toughest time in her life, more tougher to let her mind to realize that nothing, nothing in this world is responding to it. That might be more tougher to her to realize than to take the decision, whether she want to live or die.

Here is a beautiful idea considering the condition and state of mind of the particular patient and of other patients around the world, whose are facing the same problem.

If she is blinking for the response of something; if she’s taking food to live; why do others bother for her life! If suicide is crime, why should we let her mind do the same? Why wouldn’t we think of something soon to let her live? (Or, let me do the same for the sake of these patients.)

With the help of the advanced and the so called sophisticated technology why can’t we make a machine or simulation software for that kind of minds to live them their own as the normal people do.

If there are small gadgets with touch screen technologies, why not a pretty device with applications that will respond to at least the cornea of the eyes to select the letters on a particular screen devised for the purpose, to put down some words and help them portray their minds. It will be wise to bet on such projects and that will be more humane than to debate on and putting efforts to legalize Euthanasia. It will be a precious and beautiful project and will soon be realized. It will soon be in the market for these precious minds with disabled bodies.

© 2015 Ibomcha S Kh


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