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"Modern Woman" - Poetry

Updated on June 1, 2016

"Modern Woman"

Life is thrust upon us without our request or consent. We are expected to know how to live. Yet, how are we to know or understand that which we have not experienced?

So unprepared to exist in this world was I.
Where was the training to be a wife, a mother?
Surely, not in the pampered days of childhood
Protected from all evil, torment, and sorrow.
~ Never taught to give, only to take;
~ Never taught to share, only to hoard.
No wonder the days to come, so consumed by the need of others
Would be filled with bitter frustration.

So unprepared to face the truths of life was I.
Not a soul revealed the dangers that lay ahead.
Even then, in the frolicking spring of my years,
I sought that very attachment and belonging.
~ Rushed my own doom, blindly with passion;
~ Rushed my own fate, blatantly with joy.
Never dreaming the days approaching, then a fantasy of love,
Would turn ti a nightmare of despair.

So unprepared to commit my being was I.
No models to follow, what was wanted from me?
Oh, I knew what was best; love conquers all evils.
An idealistic soul I could sail through all storms.
~ I plunged into marriage, head held high;
~ I plunged into birth, cares tossed aside;
Not realizing the days then upon me, filled with delight and glee
Would cause such irrevocable pain.


Too young to be a wife and mother

“Modern Woman” was written by my mother in the winter of 1982. I can surmise from the words in black and white that she was struggling with being a wife and a mother at a very young age. Being raised an only child, my mother was not taught how to share, give, or show emotion, so this concept of being a wife and raising a family eluded her. There was not a book at her disposal to prepare her for life, so she feverishly took a leap of faith, however, found despair at the end.

We, as a society, are expected to know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. When we are thrust out into life, there is no offering of a manual. Not at our birth, or the birth of our children, so, each of us is slightly ill-equipped. My mother was just brave enough to put it on paper. So, I am sharing this poem with you because I believe that no one is fully prepared for what life has to offer.


How young is too young?

Is 20 old enough to become a wife and mother

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