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Updated on May 15, 2016

Modern Shakespeare

It isn't often that you hear about a guy that people call 'the modern Shakespeare'. Now ask yourself, why would people start calling someone the Modern Shakespeare? Could it have anything to do with poetry or his way with words? It certainly is an interesting way to describe someone. This new Shakespeare doesn't create screen plays or poetry. The modern Shakespeare is in all of us and it is the strong passion to do the things that keep us going. For Shakespeare, it may have been theater but for any one of us, it is something different. My passion is writing and political science. Many of things I do everyday are to advance these passions. What do you do to advance your passions? Shakespeare got his work out there and everyone began to respond to the sincere back stories in each of his plays. There are many people in this modern era with just as much passion and talent as Shakespeare but yet, are not recognized. They stay out of the limelight and their work doesn't get the light of day that it deserves. Athletes who have the same intensity and amazing skill set that Shakespeare had and they get recognized because they are on television. Is there anyway to get recognized and move to your full potential without being shown on television? Of course there is, but how? Everyone with any talent and passion wants to know the answer to that. There is no simple answer. You have to work and put yourself out there. You need to spread your work or talent like Shakespeare did. Then and only then can you have the possibility of being the modern Shakespeare in your art. It is truly inspiring what Shakespeare did back in the day and how he made concepts like true love and deceit look in his plays. People never thought about true love the same way after seeing some of his plays like Romeo and Juliet. Is that not the first thing you think of when you think of love and sacrifice and how complicated it can be? I am hoping more people who have a distinct motivation and skill can get there work out there; however that may be. I've seen guys with tremendous talents that no one has ever heard of. I don't know why that is but most of them are underground. They try and fulfill their passions in the dark rather than in the light. Many think the lime light and attention will cause people to criticize their work rather than reflect on it. Many of the people who will get a chance to show their work have a passion for it that forces them to spread their ideas and skills around. No one really believes something is good until everyone else around them thinks its good. Therefore most of the first reactions to new works is criticism. But you cannot be afraid to put your passions out there and be a modern Shakespeare.


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