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Modest Medusa Character List

Updated on October 17, 2014

The Main Cast


An unlucky guy.

He takes pride in his video game collection. He does his best to seriously explain human concepts such as right and wrong, respect, and friendship to Medusa.


A gorgon child from the land of Yeld.

She has quite the attitude. When things don't go her way she will throw tantrums and destroy Jake's stuff. Her lack of knowledge about the human world leads her to unknowingly commit crime.


Jakes niece. A practical person.

Weird creatures don't bother her. She's always ready to show off her ability to logically solve any dispute or situation. A saviour in more ways than one, she mediates between Jake's strict parenting style and Medusa's crazy ideas.

Human Characters


He lives downstairs at Jake's house and is said to be a fish scientist.

Charles lives a very normal life. He is often shown cooking. He always seems to be at the house when crazy and dangerous situation occur and is left to try to explain things to the unbelieving authorities.


The owner of Will's house. She spends most of her time hiding in the office where Medusa is not allowed.

When she's around she reminds Medusa of things she is supposed to be doing and patiently listens to Medusa's rants.

Marah's Mother

A strict mother that does not want her daughter getting into trouble.


Mara's other uncle and Jake's brother. He arrives to help when Jake goes missing, but does not believe anything magical is happening.

Residents of the Magical Realm Yeld

The Mermaids

The 'bitches' of the magic world.

They care only about their own well begin and amusement. They are the one's who trick Medusa into going to the human world.


The inn keeper. She secretly works together with The Knight of Chains to protect the gorgon children from their evil mother and Prince Dragul.

Urano the Oath Breaker

He vampire who served the old king until the kings death. After Dragul took rule over the kingdom he and a few others attempted to free the old king's daughter. For this he was labeled as one of the betrayers of king Dragul.

He rescues Medusa and Marah from the brain sucking monster and offers his help in rescuing Jake.


Not ferrets, rats, or racoons. They are a showy group that jumps into the fight to defeat Dragul and obtain his treasure.

The captain of the pirates attempts to distract and defeat his enemies using tricky catch phrases such as "I'm not left handed". He is always recruiting new members for his crew.

Tooth Facer

The bodies of these creatures are made from a burlap sack. Their insides contain centipedes, cockroaches, and teeth. They eat teeth.

Medusa meets this tooth facer in the human world. He has been stuck in the human world since he was nine, but Medusa is unable to help him home.


An angel of the land of Yeld. It takes defeated warriors to the afterlife.

Residents of the Castle

Prince Dragul

The ruler of Yeld. He chose Modest Medusa as his heir.

He has a hobby of turning things into evil monsters and it seems that he is the reason why people who enter Yeld become monster like in appearance.


The general of the king's armies. He is known for his heart shaped underwear.


He is the one who finally takes Medusa back to the castle. He is one of the kinder knights. He asks Dragul to spare Medusa and her friends.

The Knight of Chains

He was once an orange haired stranger who got lost in Yeld. After spending too much time in the magic world he started to turn into a monster. Medusa's mother turns him into a horse instead. When Medusa's mother becomes evil he is made to serve as her knight.

He secretly tries to protect the gorgon children and the people of Jamie's inn.

Medusa's Mother

She was once a gorgon similar to Medusa. When she was young she fell in love with an orange haired by who got lost in Yeld, but she soon matured into a monstrous snake.

Now she is a very angry mother who eats her children for fun. She only likes Medusa, who was the weakest child of her first brood, and named her Modest.


These little guys patrol the castle grounds. As the weakest servants they are not very strong or smart.

Minor Appearances

Brain Sucking Creature

It captures its victims in green poop and causes hallucinations as it feeds on their brains.

Friendly Saviors

This couple give Medusa and Marah a place to stay in their home. They live in a town where everyone wears glasses.

Village Children

Medusa meets them while Marah and Orano are busy making plans to invade the castle. They are not very nice at first, but soon let Medusa join in the fun.

Orange Snake

Medusa finds this snake and claims it is a spy.

Will Benedetti

He picks up Charles from the hospital when everyone is busy. No one knows why he keeps a kangaroo in his car.

Medusa's Sisters

Medusa's sisters were found living in a cave at the castle. They fear their mother who eats them in order to live forever. A few of these gorgons are able to escape with Medusa.

Hat Maker

She shows up when Charles is at the house being interrogated by police to drop off a box of hats for a party.


The hat maker's friend who shows up in time to take Charles and escape from the police who are determined to blame him for the disappearance of Jake.


The daughter of a mail carrier. She tries to cheer Medusa up after the twinkies are gone by offering roasted nuts. She becomes friends with Medusa, but contact with her is lost when Medusa looses her phone number.


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