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Molly Made of Blood

Updated on March 27, 2015

This is the first sequel/chapter in the Molly Made of Blood story.

Molly is a young angel who is sent to earth to face the trials of this world but how will she fair?

(A story of a girl who is seen by her father as an angel and how she is highly adored and how being abandoned made this girl feel and because she is young and facing abandonment problems she grows through this life of hers creating a fantasy of her own so indeed a kind of split personality of the thoughts, feelings and life creating her own delusions but showing a type of realism to those who have the experience, feelings, emotions, thoughts of a better place and environment giving a sense of relational scenes to how the reader may feel towards Molly as they have similar situations etc)

“Ever Imagined change? If your life was normal but something big came your way, Could you hack it a feeling you once knew torn and frayed to something that means the new you? Well could you imagine the impossible?”

Now Molly was a young girl capable of many imaginations such as her one about her falling an angel as her Father called her, but her Father had no regard for anything an alcoholic he was but Molly highly adored him she loved him very much until he abandoned her he left her in a ditch not caring for her at all she had three older siblings she had never seen again her Father left Molly for dead, and this is where her imagination kicked in right before death she had an amazing dream and you will see this dream prevail throughout her story as her fantasy feels as though it has come to life from her young little mind her thoughts, feelings, fears, traumas, emotions, mindset and imagination as she embarks on a journey while growing up that in the end was all in her head as she was an abandoned child trying to grasp out for the love she needed but instead creating her own fantasies.

Molly's' Father was a drunkard now he was not like this at first he and his wife doted on their four daughters, Georgia, Karly, Michelle and Molly but Molly most of all giving how beautiful she was at first sight from birth to her age now she was given the nick name Angel, her parents always used this to describe her and her personality they would tell her "Oh Molly you are an angel sent from God" and would sometimes call her by the name "Molly Angel" she was not like her sisters they were Crazy, Outgoing, Tall, argumentative and bad but they were nice too but Molly she was nothing like them Molly was Quiet, Cute, Well spoken and polite with manners of an Angel she had long locks of ginger hair and was just so sweet everyone she met adored her.

But as she grew her sisters also grew they had fled as they were much older, Molly was so young she needed a parental figure to trust and take good care of her as her sisters had now fled the nest. They had such jealousy of Molly they hated her because they felt she was favoured by their parents so they made a deal to each other to leave Molly with the parents that so adored her while they move away to a different country they thought Molly would be too much baggage and so they stuck by that deal.

Molly was left with her parents but at a tender young age of eight her Mother passed away leaving her with a Father that could not cope. Her Father began to become a drunkard he would leave Molly home alone for long periods of time, he became detached from her like she was just an object, he would not even spend time with her any more, he blamed her for his wives death, he would scream at her and abuse her but she was just a shy girl and would not tell a soul on what was happening to her. He came home drunk one time and called her to him and when she came he hit her over the head and locked her in her bedroom, he began to call her a Demon and not his Angel any more he referred to her as fallen, evil and how she meant nothing to him.

One night he could not take Molly's crying any more so he picked her up and dumped her in the back of the car and he drove to a deserted part of the land digging a hole he said to her "Demon you belong here" she begged and pleaded but he had no regard he pushed her to the ground of the ditch and drove off leaving her cold and alone this is were Molly became abandoned and left for dead but she did not die she was found by a Woman walking her dog and this is when her hallucination, Imagination and fantasy began.

Because Molly had been called an Angel all her life then to be called a Demon by her Father this story shows the struggles Molly embarks to fight the feelings, thoughts and emotions of how this made her feel she sees things in a different light and in her imagination she is encountering a life that she made up because of her abandonment she believes she is an actual Angel and her Father was God because she was reaching out and because she could not get the past back of before her Mother died her sisters left and her Father abandoned her she made up her own life that is all inside her confused head.

Molly such a dark girl she was, and in all said and done she was unknown to the world a hidden terror that Molly had been the secret necessity picked to change a life where she came from was a place of light a peaceful paradise taken to experience what life on earth is like, Molly now dwells in the depth of the cracked earth, yes the ground so it seems in a cavern much like a cave in cased in it a young girl for centuries remained in the coldness of the unearthed darkness just like a buried corpse she lay deep under the soiled ground, so close to the core of the earth, some say close to hell where Molly came from, some say she was an angelic human but let her mind go insane to the point voices filled her innocent mind with dark thoughts that is when dear molly fell from grace the thoughts discouraged her from her beautiful heart her angelic self soon became something other worldly something she let unleash upon the damned world but was yet to awaken as she was sealed up by a mad man who knew of her existence she had fell from grace because she let those devils get into her innocent mind and turned it to fire a reckless kind but it was more because she needed experience so that darkness does not capture her dear sweet mind and keep her heart captive so all evil can be unleashed.

We first start from the beginning, Molly was brought to the earth centuries ago, she was the youngest of the angelic kind, So gentle, Innocent & youthful she was easily lead a stray Molly was at times gullible and so very beautiful, Such a kind hearted child, but after one night awoken by a strange noise Molly was grabbed chosen to fall to earth to make a change but she could not help how her small self felt every part of her felt abandoned but Molly was thrown to the earth to learn a lesson or two then would be allowed back into the gates of her dear home, As soon as Molly fell she did not know where to start, her Radiant blue eyes to rock the very soul of a careless human who came into her young life, This becoming the professor whilst out on a walk commemorating the time spent with his deceased wife bumping into a small child that seemingly had rose from underground sitting on the edge of a giant hole full of dirt she was so very young wondering where the little child came from he did not question it so forwards towards Molly taking her hand reassuring her young mind thinking she was just a lost child, "where is your mother?" he asked with a raised brow his body flowing with curiosity, Concern written all over his features that is then when young Molly pointed to the sky he took a deep gasp responding "In Heaven young child?" Molly nodded gently the man lead her towards his home "Here come with me child I shall take you in, have you not a father a mother or even a family that I could contact?" Molly shook her head lethargically having been feeble then the professor took her in.

Every night the professor would hear her pray he would investigate, Molly would ask for forgiveness asking to be accepted back into the kingdom of her home she would cry, the professor epitomized in his diary "those tears sparkled as if they originate with pure tear drops like rain filled with peace and tranquillity running through her heart" the professor would also characterize in his diary writing "How angelic the child was, Such long ginger hair with crystal blue eyes how emaciated, angular and bony she had light-coloured skin. The young Molly was" he proclaimed "she was just an old soul and knew all that there was to this earth, every story every legend such a creative mind Molly had" in all the days he lived with the young girl Molly had been the sweetest almost as if she was made with the essence of an angels soul, now the professor did not know of Molly being an Angel he just considered her as an angelic human being the professor felt sorry for Molly because she had no one left upon this earth that she could rely on, He became her father adopted her into his family he thought of it as, "two people alone in this world find a family out of themselves" he felt special doing a great thing for company.

But every night he would hear Molly cry and this was none stop until one night he peered in through among the bedroom to check on molly, but Molly was asleep crying out in her helpless dreams "Father, Father please bring me back don’t abandon me I cry out for forgiveness I am alone so scared, please father don’t leave me here" Those calls would go unanswered and young Molly was stuck upon this earth with no one she knew of just the professor who kept her comfort would sing her back to sleep an old lullaby what his deceased mother would sing to him when he was just a little boy, he did not want to question about her dreams or nightmares but wondered about the words she said why she would repeat those same painful outbursts each night it brought a tear to the professor's eyes a sensitive professor made a vow to look after this child, Maybe Molly was sent here to create an impact on this lonely man’s life maybe this was one of her lessons to learn, Molly grew close to him each day.

The professor watched as Molly grew so close just like a father with his child, a great bond they had inseparable he taught her all there was to know about earth showed her the stars above and the moon at night also space with the telescope and in the daytime the sky the sun and the grassy lands, the green trees forests full of nature the humans as they watched vigilant those families in the park how joyful they where how nice it was to be human a lovely place, Molly knew she was safe with the professor a father and daughter in each other’s eyes, The professor depicted in his diary with such detail "how much her laugh was contagious her heart was of gold her kindness just as beautiful and Molly had the essence of a Angel that truly touched my heart" he would pray for her safety and that she never goes away wanting to teach her all there was to life he wished for her to stay his little girl, he had never had a child of his own.

The professor sat one night with a cry of agony staring out a picture in a photo frame of a young woman with brunette hair and brown eyes a pregnant bump she had, Molly woke that evening after hearing those cries she came into the professor say goodnight before noticing him crying opening her mouth with the words in such a soft voice "Professor, what is the matter?" turning his head wiping away a falling tear to show her he is fine, Molly caught a glimpse of the photo frame he had in his hands she approached him with light steps she opened her arms reaching to snuggle him gently asking with wonder in her curious eyes "Whose that?" she inquired with a soft voice the professor turned to explain to Molly "My wife Johanna and my unborn child, we was going to have a girl, We was going to be happy but sadly they was torn from me in a tragic accident they both are in heaven now just like your family, But I am lucky because she sent me you Molly maybe she wanted me to be happy and not lose myself, We was going to call the baby Rose" Molly stood in absolute shock and wiped away his tear "Don’t worry professor my father will look after them, I will never leave you" She informed him with a grin such a lovely girl Molly was.

The professor was searching for happiness and he found it his life felt fulfilled with Molly in his world all was perfect she made the world a better place he could not of wished for anything different. The professor became seriously unwell he came down with an illness that takes the life of thousands of humans each and every day, His condition became worse he was deteriorating by the minutes finding out he has cancer he knew it could end badly, Molly was always by his side she always prayed for a day to come where he would make a miraculous recovery because he had made such an instant impact on Molly's life she knew losing him would be the last thing she ever wanted, but each day of the week he would grow weaker and weaker, he was dying and Molly could not save him one night she looked up into the night sky joined her hands together as small tears fell down her soft cheek Molly began to pray "Father, if you can hear me, please watch over the professor protect him and give him the will to be strong I don’t want to lose him he needs me, father if he dies please take him up to the kingdom heaven and look after him, he shall be with his wife and child, but right now he don’t deserve to die, please father I'm begging you right now let him stay upon this earth and I will be with him until it’s his time" She cried out in a prayer Molly knew that it was time to despair she did not want to ruin this happy man’s life.

Molly spent hours and days by his bed side, never wanting to lose him he was her world, A daddy’s little girl she was to him, Molly opened her heart out to him for hours would sit and cry telling him stories of her land with such imagination. He was happy to die because Molly had came into his life when he needed love the most, Molly never left his side that is a dream come true he had a child but he did not want to pass on through to the next world, he held Molly’s hand tightly and murmured the worlds "Molly, if I die I just want to thank you, for entering my life and leaving your angelic essence on my heart those memories will always be a part of the place we lived and I died in, This land will be scattered with the memories of the happy times and the day that you came to me and heaven sent me an Angel, That dear Angel was you, My Molly you will always be a part of me even if I live or die" Molly’s tears rolled down her cheek but late that night the professor slipped away his soul swiftly flew right on by, a lovely light heading towards the sky to disappear into the night, gone like that he lost his life his cancer it proved fatal.

Molly sat by his body holding onto his hand with dear life so tight not letting go, in such agony Molly began screaming and crying she did not want him to go the only one person who was there for her on earth who made her young life worth saving had now gone, Molly turned away in pain yelling out to her father in another helpless prayer "Father, Father how could you take him away, I prayed! I called! and you never answered, if you took him away at least protect him and keep his spirit with you always, let him be with his wife and child and always watch over him" she fell to the ground and held her dear heart it was breaking even she knew all things where meant to die at some point but she did not expect it too soon.

It left her abandoned again Molly stayed in the professors house for months, starting to go insane, Was the mourning getting to her or the dark voices she was hearing real? She would hide knowing something was coming and it wasn't going to be great.

As the days went on by Molly was always alone, taking a walk in the land of the home a place full of the deepest memories, Could it be that she was just like a human, Molly was now of no use to this world, But she loved it with all her heart, Molly became angry the rage began to change consuming her the voices ripping through her head, Her mind feeling as if it’s being burned by fire and the voices would show a careless whisper repeating the words "Join us, Molly, you are darkness we need you, your father is gone nothing is left, join us Molly come to the dark side".

Molly's head kept spinning she had no clue what was going on and in a fit of madness Molly smashed everything up in the professors place and with that began running. Molly ran as far as her legs could take her as far away from that place as possible sitting on the edge of an old bridge crying the voices would whisper "Why cry Molly, Crying means your weak, join us you won’t feel this pain any more" Molly turned her head upwards and screamed out in a yell "NO NO! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! GET OUT OF MY DAMNED HEAD!!!!!!" screaming as a passer by stopped and held her shoulder "Little girl? What be the matter?" The dark voice muttered to her with a sadistic smirk upon its face Molly turned her head in silence and whispered as her crystal blue eyes where slowly turning to black a darkness that was to transpire into young Molly’s self, a new her.

The man outstretched his hand forward for molly to take it as she took it standing gently afoot beside the man they began to take off walking, he was just like the devil in disguise a mad man with the heart of evil. He opened his mouth with a deep manly voice almost a feared tone but Molly was not afraid "Now child tell me what is the matter?" Molly in anger turns to the smirking dark featured man and smacks him hard over the head, The Surroundings filled with laughter the man was amused so he told her "Good, great take that anger out on this wretched place, after all it did take your professor away, and you’re damned father left you here, Abandoned you when you needed him most. Come child be with me let me be your father instead of him” he faked a smile taking Molly's hand and walking with her to a place that he resided.

They reached a dark mansion that reeked of blood and death crossing her arms "Am I to live here?" she proclaimed as the dark man nodded with a grimace "Yes you are, you are transforming, you are becoming a part of you that was always hidden, That be the reason your father kicked you out and you fell from grace, now dear child do not worry for I will be your father you will have changed into a new person only a few more hours to go and you will be a dark angel" Molly nodded she knew of this change she could feel it throughout her body, She was to wreck havoc and chaos upon this wretched world for tearing away her goodness.

A dark child made of blood with that Molly fed upon the blood of a demon and the blood of a human conducting the transpire to occur becoming from angel to demon, Her hunger became stronger starting to become a darker part of herself her eyes turning to black, her heart full of darkness, anger and rage emitting from her life-force, her face changed from angelic to monstrous, her body so much paler, stronger.

Beginning to like the new her Molly could not care less for anyone any more she had lost herself. Molly was gone nothing but evil was left her angelic side had subsided.

Few weeks later the mad man dug a deep hole where a portal was, to a darker land and he locked Molly in a room keeping her locked away as in a few years she was to rise.

in many years to come she will remain the same and in sometime Molly will be made of blood and her dark side will be the death of the world she once knew as a beautiful land, she was Angelic no more and now after many years she awakens but what will she awaken too?....

Often as children we have Imaginations, but of course if like Molly you was loved and called "Angel" all your life to then have your Mother die, your Sisters move far and then your left with a Father who has simply gone from calling you his "Angel" to now a "Demon" and became a drunkard who has no regard for you then to abandon you and walk away forever.

On a child's point of view you need to look closely on what this would do to that child, of course it impacted Molly so much because she was just only young and imagined a life that was entirely how she felt about herself and what she knew she wanted in life but kept losing because she knew she could not have it.

On a real child they might feel detached from the world and very angry, depressed and scared they might create a life in their heads and think that it is real and that they are actually living the life they are experiencing in their heads and imaginations thus rendering the reality of their view on life.

As they grow up they may become depressed, feel unwanted by the world, and fallen from society like they do not matter as they have become so detached just from abandonment that they do not know what is life any more or even what is real which could give them anything effecting their "Mental State" such as common things like Depression, Anxiety, Introverted, Split Personality, Social Fear, Not being able to Trust, or have problems regarding anger etc, many things that force this living human to live in the past that they will never get over.

Molly Made of Blood is exactly about a girl who was abandoned by her Father after her Mother passed away and her Sisters moved far away, this is about a girl who lives in her mind and imagines a world that she thinks is real, that is about how she feels when she grew up in a world that gave up on her as she was abandoned.

Molly imagines herself to be an Angel because her Father and Mother used to call her it until the tragic events of Molly being abandoned happened and the dark side of Molly's mind is because of how her Father began treating her and calling her Demon after the Mother died and she began to believe it so when she imagines this world of course all of this comes to play but in a different light, in a child's imagination and as she is growing up she is experiencing a strong delusion as she is trapped inside her mind.

In the eye of a child comes the soul of a life..

This is a quote from the book I placed it on Amazon a while ago it was just available on Kindell but I have made a few changes to the story and placed it on here, this video I made when I first placed Molly Made of Blood on Kindell.

Well this book is based around a strong subject I feel needs to be known before anything and in the case of Molly this is what was going on inside her head I feel that many may know this feeling, I also know this from my personal experiences through life so I wanted to paint a picture to the readers on what exactly this feeling is and what Molly was experiencing and what was going on inside the head of a child that had just lost everything.

Would you help Molly if you came across her?

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  1. Who do you think Molly is?
  2. Does Molly relate to you?

Two questions for you to answer in the comment section if you feel like it, also how you feel on this subject.


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