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Moments of Triumph in the Last Five Years

Updated on August 30, 2019
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I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.


Experiencing moments of triumph raises your vibration level, which attracts more goodies into your life. So it is important that you have something to celebrate quite often so that you can look upon them satisfied and smile and feel motivated to continue to create even more of these moments. Here is a summary of such victorious moments in my life in the last five years.

Write My First Fiction Book

I was browsing over the web when I stumbled upon a free ebooks' site where I could publish fiction books. I thought here was my chance to share a fiction with the world based on my life experiences. Therefore, I began writing a fiction story and then completed it, added a picture and a riddle and had it published after considerable proofreading. Till this date, I have written a total of 21 fictions, all of which count towards my moments of elevated celebration.

Write My First Self-Help Book

I wrote my first self-help book, and it was free. My main motto for writing that book was to spread my message about how to live life fully and attain peace of mind. I donated it to top self-help experts and asked them to share it with their subscribers. At the time, I was only interested in spreading my message. Throughout the next five years, I had written a total of 16 self-help books and still counting to continue to celebrate, reward myself and feel on top of the world.

Write Two Academic Guides

I wrote two academic guides in my original field of interest, namely Computer Science and Engineering. I wrote them very lucidly for students to comprehend them easily. I think they are something very constructive and helpful that I have authored because they are very much in demand. I am now writing my third academic guide. Hopefully, it will also be attractive like the other two. These guides have brought in for me pure moments of satisfaction and happy accomplishments.

Write Articles on

Till date I have written a total of 340+ articles on in areas of Computers and Technology, Self Improvement, Women's Interests, Relationships, Entertainment->Humor and others. I used my creative juices to author these articles. After writing the 47th article, I became a Diamond Expert Author on the site. Indeed, believe me, I was over the moon!

Write Articles on

I came across this site while browsing over the web. It’s rules, policies and format are different from those of So it took me a while to adapt to the new site I came across. By and by, I became habituated, and I realized I am good at writing personal short stories on the site which get approved easily to be migrated to the network site, Till date, I published a total of 30+ featured articles on, which is also an outstanding achievement on my part and makes me bask in the glory.

Create a Facebook Page

I created a Facebook page where I shared all my fiction stories, self-help books, and the glamour articles on I also shared inspirational quotes and event news to make the page extra enticing. Till date, I update this page with zeal and passion.

Create an Email List

I contributed self-help books to free giveaway events and created an email list. Till date, I participate in these events and grow my list. The way it works is that contributors submit gifts to the event and invite other contributors to do the same. When the event finally launches, they bring in their hungry subscribers who are free to access gifts from the contributors and that is how we grow our email list. Signing up for free books from a contributor means the subscribers are entitled to get free newsletters in the form of emails containing upbeat positive material with freebies and special offers from the contributor. Of course, subscribers can unsubscribe from them any time. Creating and growing an email list has been super blissful for me.

Write Several Blogs

I wrote several blogs with blog posts.

One was for my first academic guide. I wrote several free chapters as blog posts and finally gave the link to my book where readers could purchase it.

The second just comprised of quotes by renowned personalities. My readers liked this blog a lot. Likewise, the previous blog was also popular.

The third one was about research on databases and data mining, my original fields of interest on which I worked previously. Followers flocked to the blog, and I was more than happy to share my ideas.

The fourth blog was about eBooks on fiction and self-help books. I provided detailed overviews of my books here, and it also pulled in bulks of readers.

My fifth and newest blog is about varying thoughts on golden topics such as self-help, technology, and short stories. It is starting to attract quite many readers.

All the above five blogs are the sources of fun learning not only for my readers but also for me. I happen to grow with my readers.

Review Manuscripts in a Renowned Journal

I reviewed 14 manuscripts in a renowned US journal in my original field of interest, Computer Science and Engineering as an external reviewer. I have compiled short summaries about them and gathered the corresponding review certificates that I achieved on a creative website. Read more about this below.

Create a Stunning Website

I have created a stunning website in and integrated all my fictions, self-help books and academic guides along with their book images, press releases of my books, scholar papers, summaries of reviewed manuscripts in a US journal (mentioned earlier), and the review certificates that I earned. I also compiled inspirational short movies as well as all my blogs, and I created "About the Author" and “Contact Me” pages on this website. In recent times, this is a popular site, and people are attracted to this site from all walks of life. Naturally, it contains a lot of information from varying angles, and that is why it is juicy and exhilarating to go through. Therefore, I rejoice so much about my site and feel doubly joyous and contented and feel inspired to improve it further.

Overview of the Homepage on My Gorgeous Website
Overview of the Homepage on My Gorgeous Website | Source

Do You Want to Access All the Materials I Authored?

For free access to all my books and guides, valuable articles and blogs, interesting scholar papers and much more, you are invited to visit my website given in my profile.

All the materials I covered in this article are available on my website, and they are all the reasons for my triumphant moments in the last five years. So hover over to the site in my profile and find out what I mean. You won’t regret it.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2019 Rosina S Khan


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