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Momma Knows: Cookie Magazine

Updated on August 20, 2007

Got Cookie? This great new magazine from the Conde Nast group is a welcome addition on the family scene. Gone are the cupcake and cookie baking instructions of your mother's family magazine. Enter great style, realistic recipes, and really interesting ideas for everything from travel to decorating to entertainment. I found this magazine by accident and you can bet I'll subscribe.

Cookie is destined to become a well-worn staple of doctor's office waiting rooms everywhere - if only we can spread the word about how wonderful this magazine truly is! I have not seen it in any stores yet and only found out about it because it was offered in exchange for some old airline miles! The title made me think it was for children so I ordered it for my kids. What a pleasant surprise! But that's not to say kids won't love it too. My daughter enjoys the fashion ads and my son has already found some frozen bananas he's begging to make. (No worries, they're easy!)

Cookie's departments are just right for stylish parents - and aren't we all? In Features you'll find profiles of families living outside the box, tips to stimulate your child's intellect, and just a splash of celebrity. Gifting helps you choose that very special something. Dressing has got to be one of the things that sets this magazine apart. In this department you'll find the latest fashions for kid, but the stuff still lets children be children. The looks are not too over the top, and not something more appropriate for teens or ‘mini-adults'. Primping is just for us moms. Because what magazine is complete without a little beauty advice?

But wait, there's more! Taking Care is all about health, Traveling heads off the beaten path to less traditional vacation options, and Celebrating helps you throw together all types of parties. Eating is a breath of fresh air. Cookie is realistic about family dining and there are plenty of quick tips and recipes, with a generous pinch of humor. They've even got sex advice! Beat that, old school family mags!

The ads are a gorgeous mix of high fashion for adults and children, cars, and health and beauty products. Something for everyone in the family - or at least those of us who read pretty magazines!

Beware though, there are so many wonderful products and ideas in Cookie, you may find yourself running to the mall for furnishings and craft supplies.

Online you'll find fun blogs including Nesting, First Feeding, Daily Find, Daddy Underground, and my favorite - Crabmommy. There is also a ‘web exclusives' page after the table of contents with links to great stories only online.

Cookie makes a great magazine to give as a gift as well. New parents will be thrilled to see that the world including children does not have to be without fun, style, and interesting thrills.

Don't take my word for it. Rush out today (if you can find Cookie on newsstands) or go online to subsribe and take Cookie for a test drive. You'll be glad you did.

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