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Mommy Where Did Daddy Go??.....And Vice-Versa.

Updated on December 14, 2009

Weep for each child;

of troops at war,
they care not what

the fighting’s for,
especially in a

cause unjust,
a breech of

presidential trust,
amidst his people

who he's led,
to war that can

make parents dead.

Some left with limbs

that threw a ball,
ran giggly chases

down the hall,
In flag draped boxes,

sent back home,
Where all that’s

healthy turns to bone.

Her children live

without her love,
except from

heaven far above.

I'll pray for each

dear one, and will
continue too

each day until,
they come back home

free from all harms,
and wrap wee loves

inside their arms.

If men who ruled

had sons who died
or daughters taken

from their side,
they would not

hastily make war,
with facts and

reasons proven poor,
then shattered

upon foreign shores.

Some troops will

fight and live to see,
the faces of their family
we must have faith,

tell all to cast,
their votes against

parties who’s past,
has shown they

rush into a fight,
With exit plans

no where in sight,
that steals kid’s

parents with such blight,
through thoughtless

patriotic might….
because they thought

their choice was right.

Let's use one finger,

end the pains
and stop warmongers,

with our brains,

punch chads 

not fists into the walls

lest your child dies

in battlecalls.


Hear each child

crying out to you,
To bring them home
they’ve paid their dues,
Barbarians have always ruled,
Iraqi soil, don’t be fooled,
By promises of freedom’s bell,
In lands with centuries of hell.




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    • profile image

      seasoning 7 years ago

      did you ever see the musical can't Miss Sigon.. there is a lovely song in it about all the children that lost their families.... so sad