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Mona Lisa : The mystery of my Mona Lisa

Updated on April 27, 2011
Mrs.  C. Brown, My Mona Lisa
Mrs. C. Brown, My Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa: the mystery of my Mona Lisa.

When a friend of mine first nick named me, Da Vinci, Leonardo da Vinci, I did not know why. In fact he is the only person that calls me by that name. I did not know how and where he got the name and I did not bother to know why or what the name meant, though at time I thought it is because my name starts with Da…. It was not until I went further into the academic world and in my study of the history and philosophy of science that I realized that the man, Leonardo da Vinci made contributions in many disciplines. Yet, I did not bother to know more about him, personally, because other men like Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Young, and Robert Hooke among others also made their own contributions in the course of history.

Some years later, I watched a documentary on discovery channels on Leonardo da Vinci. The documentary portrayed him as a mystic who nothing much was known about him until his death. A confidential list was also mentioned, in the documentary, in which his name was among. The comment in the documentary that got my attention most and which I love is “Leonardo da Vinci was a man ahead of his time.” For instance he predicted that man would someday fly on air and most people of his time did not understand him because he was ahead of them. It was after I watched the documentary that the man earned my respect.

Truly Leonardo di Ser Piero, popularly known as Leonardo da Vinci was a man ahead of his time. His works and contributions can confirm that he was ahead of those of his time. One of his painting, Mona Lisa , also called La Gioconda or La Joconda, has been treasured and secured for many years. Consequently the painting has lived over 500 years. My interest may not be in the painting but who is in the painting and what inspired Leonardo da Vinci to make the painting.

I just had to wonder and ask more about the painting because during the Christian lent, a lecturer tried to correct the impression of some ignorant Catholics about Mona Lisa. He told them that, he knew some Catholics think Mona Lisa is a picture of Mary, the mother of Jesus (he may be right if some people had such in mind because I once wondered why the picture was so important and it is possible he made similar mistake). He said, Leonardo made the painting because of an incident in which Leonardo glimpsed a beautiful damsel after a church service and as he tried to take a better look at her, she disappeared in the crowd. So Leonardo went home not too happy but he put down what he saw in painting and called her “Mona Lisa.”

I was intrigued by the story that I wanted to confirm it but I forgot. Luckily two days later after the lecture’s explanation, there was a discussion about the book “da Vinci code” by Dawn Brown. They discussed and argued that the last supper painting was interpreted by Dawn Brown in his own, personal, way and not necessarily what Leonardo had in mind when he made the painting. Then one of them mentioned the movie “da Vinci code” and said it almost brainwashed him.

I made no contribution to the discussion but it made me recall the story of Mona Lisa so I asked one of them who is in fine and applied arts and as such in a better position to know about paintings, what inspired Leonardo to paint Mona Lisa? She said that he was commissioned to do the painting by a wealthy woman but after the painting was made, the woman said it did not look like her so she rejected it and Leonardo told her that he wont even give it to her even if she wanted it because the painting worth more than her. I told her the earlier version I heard from the lecturer so I asked her how she got her facts. She said her lecturer told her.

Well a lecturer in fine and applied arts should know better than a lecturer in physiology in terms of painting. I made a research on the matter and many people agreed that Leonardo was commissioned to do the painting but what happened after the painting was made and why Leonardo kept it varied from people’s opinion. No matter what the story is, it is known that he treasured the painting. There is also a debate as to why Mona Lisa had no facial hair and eye brow. Some people said, it may have been lost over the years but recent studies on the painting seem to suggest that it never had an eyebrow that reminds me that some people said that Leonardo did not want to give Francesco Del Gioconda the painting so he claimed it was not ready. Some people said he rarely finished any of his works.

Maybe Leonardo was right, if he said the painting was not ready all the while, because he still had to consider adding an eyebrow to the painting. Whatever he had in mind or whatever inspired him to paint Mona Lisa or whoever is Mona Lisa to him, we can only tell base on records or papers we can find but at least it is known that the painting has a mysterious smile and some people said it reflects the emotions or moods of anyone that views it. Others said it depends on the angle or the part of the painting viewed. That has made the painting of Mona Lisa unique and maybe mysterious.

I want to talk about such mystery, the mystery of my Mona Lisa. I remember when my Mona Lisa came with her associate to join me and others. It was as if angels came and wanted to know their place in my life. I said to one of the angels, “you are my sweetheart.” That made her happy so Mona Lisa’s associate wondered where I would place my Mona Lisa and she asked me, “what about your Mona Lisa, if you called someone else your sweetheart?” I answered, “my Mona Lisa is I and I am my Mona Lisa.” Then my Mona Lisa, who was quiet all this time, smiled and asked her associate, “ I hope you heard him? He said we are one.”

my Mona Lisa and I are one. Each time I was sad and I looked at her she will be sad so I would ask her.” why are you sad my Mona Lisa?” she would answer, “ I am sad because you are sad.” She reflects all my moods and emotions and because I do not want to see her sad or make her cry, I always smile and that is why my Mona Lisa always smile.

I do all I can to be happy just for the sake of my Mona Lisa. I treasure her and she means so much to me. She has given me much out of life and she was the only one that stood by my side when all left me. I owe her joy and happiness and she is happy whenever I am happy so we are happy together and forever. She is my Mona Lisa and that is the mystery of my Mona Lisa.

She was born in the month of April just as Leonardo was born in April so I say happy birthday my Mona Lisa.

Do you have anyone you can call your Mona Lisa?

Do have anyone you want to keep happy all the time?

I have my Mona Lisa maybe that is why my friend called me, Da Vinci.


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