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Is Mondayitis Real? Jokes, Facts and Quotes

Updated on June 22, 2014

It is official. Mondayitis is real.

Almost everyone dreads the day, which is a shame, considering it is the start of what should be an exciting week ahead. Most however would rather stay in bed and pretend it is not happening.

A study conducted in the UK reported that the average worker spent at least 34 minutes moaning and complaining every Monday morning, compared to just 22 minutes during the rest of the week! Isn't that enough proof?

Other research indicates that this feeling of down, feeling of having the morning blues, is purely associated with sleeping patterns. Our body clock is disturbed after a weekend of relaxation and/or partying and we experience what can also be described as a jet-lag feeling. Some use the weekend to catch up on much needed sleep, however it is done at the detriment of a Monday morning mood swing.

So when Monday morning comes around (all too soon) we often feel washed out. It takes us the day to get over this and by Tuesday we are almost on top of things again.

I don't like Mondays - Official Music Video

When does it actually start?

My theory is that the Monday blues actually commences on Sunday. There is a certain shadow of darkness that creeps in on a Sunday afternoon when there is the realisation that the weekend is drawing to a close.

I cannot recall this dreaded feeling as a child however. Going back to school was fun and I could not wait to see my friends again. This started to dwindle however as high school began as it meant more homework and it became a real-life dark cloud as my working life began. Not every week I must say. It isn’t a nice feeling. It probably serves as a signal that not everything is as good as it should be. As a mum now, it is almost like every day blends in as one, and now I have another dilemma to deal with, but that's another story altogether.

If Mondayitis (and the Sunday dark cloud that precedes it) has become too much for you, maybe it is time to make a change. Life is too short, and we should stop to appreciate the simple things in life. Don't you think?

Which day is the best day of the week?

Personally it is a close call between Wednesday and Friday.

Wednesday is commonly known as 'hump day' and as the middle of the working week it brings with it a new-found positive feeling that the end is in sight. Friday, well some call that 'poetsday' (Piss Off Early, Tomorrow Is Saturday).

Which day of the week do you love the most?

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How many Mondays are there each year?

So we have established that Monday's are typically the thorn in our side. How many do we have to get through each and every single year?

Do you know how many Mondays there are in a year? It depends, you see, on two things. Firstly the day of the week that January 1st falls on, and secondly whether or not it is a leap year.

According to my calculations that means there are 14 possibilities, however some amount to the same number.

For example, the 14 combinations are:

  • January 1st is a Monday and it is not a leap year
  • January 1st is a Tuesday and it is not a leap year
  • etc..(7 of these scenarios) and then
  • January 1st is a Monday and it is a leap year
  • January 1st is a Tuesday and it is a leap year
  • etc..(another 7 scenarios)

There are 52 weeks in a year, however based on these scenarios, I calculate that we need to endure anywhere between 51 and 53.

Mondayitis Quote
Mondayitis Quote

Mondayitis (Un)Official Facts

  • The majority of people do not smile until 11.16 am
  • At least 50% of employees are late to work
  • Employees are productive for only 3.5 hours
  • The most popular day for searching online for another job
  • The most sick leave taken on this day

The Meaning of Monday

The word Monday was derived in approximately 1200 from the term monedaei meaning the day of the moon or moon day. Whilst some traditions, Middle Eastern countries and religions begin their week on a Saturday or Sunday, the international standard (ISO 8601) classifies Monday as the start of a new week.

Saint Monday

The 'tradition' of absenteeism on a Monday actually started long long ago. It is (was) called Saint Monday was common amongst craft workers in seventeenth century.

In those days, pay day was apparently on a Saturday and with shops not open on Sundays, people had money to spend come the start of the week and business owners in some industries became accustomed to workers not arriving.

Funnily enough, legend has it that they were willing to tolerate it.

Mondayitis Quote
Mondayitis Quote

What does Monday mean to you?

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Historical Monday Events

Did you know that World War One (the Great War) ended on a Monday. It was 11th November 1914. So that's a good thing.

We did however loose Albert Einstein at the age of 76 on a Monday in 1955, Agatha Christie in 1976 and John Lennon in 1980.

Let's not forget Black Monday, the day the stock market crashed in 1987 when the Dow Jones index $500 billion dollars.

(Un)Official Cures For Mondayitis

  • Look forward to the next weekend
  • Don't watch the clock as it will go much slower on a Monday
  • Share some Monday jokes
  • Know that you are not alone
  • Know that it will be over soon
  • Take Monday off; 51-53 times a year

Monday Music

There have been so many songs written over the years alluding to monday blues, or not liking mondays. Do you remember any of these ones?

  • Blue Monday ~ Fats Domino
  • Blue Monday ~ New Order
  • Except for Monday ~ Lori Morgan
  • Goodbye Blue Monday ~ City Boy
  • I Don't Like Mondays ~ Boomtown Rats (video above)
  • I Don't Like Mondays ~ Tori Amos
  • Monday Monday ~ Wilson Phillips
  • Monday, Monday ~ The Mamas & The Papas
  • Monday's Rain ~ The Bee Gees
  • New Moon on Monday ~ Duran Duran
  • Stormy Monday Blues ~ The Allman Bros
  • Manic Monday ~ The Bangles (video below)

We know that it is going to come around again, and again, and again. There is nothing we can do to stop it really. Just know that you are not alone and when the scary monday morning monster rears its ugly head again roll over and wish it away, quickly.

All Hubs are Original Material by 'Work At Home Mums' ©


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    • TripleAMom profile image


      7 years ago from Florida

      I don't mind Mondays so much, but my work hours are flexible. Good info in this hub.


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