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Money, Money, Make Me More Money

Updated on September 6, 2010

The Way It Is

When you have lived long enough

You think you know it all

By the good old age of 24 or 25

Soon you will be thinking of a master plan

How you are different than everyone else

After carefully thinking it out

You know of a way

That you will not have to work the rest of your life

You are too smart for that

Work is for fools and after carefully observing in all your years of school

You have found the secret path of money

With your knowledge you will make lots of money and show others how to make more money too

You have read that the real big money is in real estate

Where you buy and sell property

You will buy one home and then another

Rent the first one out

Then do the same over and over again

Have renters pay for your first home

In five short years you will see your profits coming in

Of course you will help your family out and buy them their own house or two

You realized that working for someone else cramps your style

The hours you work cut into your nightlife and fun

So this is how the seed is planted and starts to grow

You have such a creative imagination no one will stop you

You are sure of that

In a few years you will be on easy street

Now lets review

Working for someone else

Working your weekends and late nights isn't going to cut it

Listening to your boss with his silly rules

When you could be doing so much more

Cruising the beach for women and lots of swimming

Going out to eat at the newest restaurant in town

Going on trips that take you around the world

Earning the dollar

Where the government takes their cut

Until someday I can get my piece of social security

I live off my social security check with some extra money in the bank

I can finally do the things I want to do

The things I have waited all my life to do

I know I would have banked a bundle by now

They say I can retire at 72

The government moved up the age 

Seven more years from the age of 65

Because people are living longer and more people are collecting

Now of course you have contributed to your own retirement plan for years

A 401 K with a company matching program

You have seen the stock you picked rise like a bread in the oven

Then fall flat like pancakes you cook the next morning

So the money figures you calculated are slightly wrong

The first time in history you have seen your dreams squashed like a pumpkin on Halloween

The years that you have worked are all in black in white right before your eyes

The magic years of working overtime and the extra job you tried

Where did all the money go ?

I was sure it was going to make my fortune young

I was enterprising and had the will power to see it succeed

As one job led to the next

Years of work followed

Things that were luxuries bought when we were young soon disappeared

Those car purchases came and went

My first home that I bought became my only home and my vacation home too

The extra money that was suppose to buy my second house never came about

The houses just cost too much

Nobody you talked to wanted to be partners either

So you waited and saved and somehow other purchases had to be bought

The money dwindled like kindling wood burning on a beautiful campfire

You slowly seemed your dreams go up in smoke

You made promises to yourself that If I don't have the money this year

I can make twice as much next year

I will work more overtime and I know what will work

I still have a few ideas up my sleeve

A few friends and I will start our own business

The money will be coming in hand over fist

But as time passed that soon became another distant memory

So here I stand in the path that money has gone

From my hands to the person I can not see

Maybe the banker or a charge card enemy

The government still gets their cut

They are the house in a friendly card game and each round they take just enough

Soon after even if I had some great hands

My pot slowly evaporated quickier than a pool of water on a hot day

So I guess I am back where I started working for a boss

Who holds my paycheck out in front of me

I am the rabbit and they dangle it like a carrot gingerly

Money is not so easily made and harder to save

Lesson learned


To live in a world where work is a must

It is a duty that we faithfully do day after day

Until one day we find a better way out


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 years ago

      MickyDee If I had it I would just give it away anyway.I love to see how some people put it to great use.They are the ones who deserve it.Not me.It has brought me nothing but trouble in the past.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      This is a debt and slavery driven society and there's hardly a way out. You'll never get enough paid for. Thanks for another great hub!

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 years ago

      miranda Fox I loved your response.I am more ambitious than ever.How about you?Thank you for sharing and joining me in the great search for success.I have been blessed with good health all my life so I really can't complain.Something inside of me always wants to do more.I have made peace with my mistakes and I found the hub pages a way of discovering what lessons I have learned in my life.A way of taking a closer look at my life and see what changes I can make that can lead me to more happiness for myself and others I care about.

    • Miranda Fox profile image

      Miranda Fox 7 years ago

      I thought I was the only one who thought this way. I'm in that age bracket, did the real estate thing. You know where the story goes...I bit more than I could chew. Sometimes it feels like we mirror the lives of guinea pigs, but your last line sums up our beliefs "Until one day we find a better way out", that's what we're all doing, finding and looking for that one day where it can all change, but even that seems too idealistic. One thing that has helped me is to also take what comes of a day to learn. To be ambitious but not greedy, to be content but not complacent.