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Money is the Lever that moves the World.

Updated on March 14, 2011

 Money is the lever that moves the world, as people continues to risk their lives to process as much as they can.  It dominate today society, it destroys lives, corrupt the best of the best and weaken the heart of the poor and lately it let to the overthrowing of Governments.

It have be proven time after time that money fail to brings us happiness, it lessen your ability to be happy, however, this trend to have a lot of money will continues as long as man exist on the face of the earth,

Idolatry of money are covetousness and greed are so connected, the rich would always rule the poor and the borrowers is the servant to the lender(so to speak), Have you ever observed how the wealthy does it, as soon as they are about to become poor, what do they do, they declared bankruptcy, or sign over their business to someone else. because the thought of them being broke terrifies them tremendously even to a point of suicidal thoughts.

Human loses their sense of value, when it comes to accumulate the riches, this is when things start to get out of control, they will steal, lie, exploit, corrupt and be forever corrupted without caring about others. Especially in business, or in the Government and the worse of them is the churches, sometimes I often wondered why a poor person goes to church, and put their  money into the offering box, week after week , maybe they think by doing this, a seat will be reserve in heaven for them.

Poverty is hell as the poor and the weak suffers, Everyday they have fewer opportunities and more misery and plenty people around the world continues this social struggle as many too to the streets demanding equal rights for all.

Asking the wealthy to share the wealth, is liking asking for the key to heaven door,so the struggle linger on.

What is money common law, common law rights, property, ownership social awareness, governmentrights? Money consist of paper or some form of gold, the money is here it didn't disappeared off the face of the earth, however it the greed of man who is refusing to share it.

I remember watching an old western movie, instead of money they used to trade goods, so i guess that money is really a record that is generally accepted as payment for good and services and repayment of debt in given country or social-economics context.

According to the statistics about 800 million people goes to bed hungry every night. and think about the rich who have everything and refusing to help, as they  sit back and cling on to their money, as their source of security, in a matter of time all the riches would become useless.  It is going to be unstable just like quicksand.

Last week I was doing research on the U.S. stock market crash of 1929 a number of millionaires lost everything in a flash and what happen next is no surprise, many of them committed suicide and it was the most devastating crash in United States history and the worse part it didn't happen in a single day,  Many banks had invested their money without permission or knowledge of the people.

Money is important, however, never let it become the main focus in your life, someday it would be your greatest downfall.








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