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Updated on January 25, 2013

Mystical creature, come to me.

Let your mane flow wild and free!

Known for your meek and peaceful ways;

Bringing good luck is what people say.

A stunning shape from his head to his feet.

Like the beauty of Aphrodite,

He is perfectly complete.

His head micking the sun that glows beat red.

Little girls often see his face in tales before they turn to bed.

He stands on alone in the forests greens.

Sharing his magic with all of the unseen.

Protecting creatures;

Healing life.

Morever, beware, this glorious creature can turn into strife.

He may turn wild and cause you despair.

But do not be fretful.

It is all in his genuine care.

For if he senses your innocent heart he will be there to protect you

With a passtionate embrace.


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