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Monosian Order-Prologue-Part Three

Updated on July 22, 2015


Andymon may have called after me. I do not remember. I just know that I wondered from the Blosher Building like someone under a deep hypnotic spell. Throbbing pain cruised up my legs. I kept on. Heading north, I was aware of only the howling winds and snow crunching under my feet as I hurried as best I could, passed several cottages buried in the snow. Cyrus’ voice kept sounding in my head. “I trust you’ll see things through”. His words would not go away.

Half-hour later, I was in the northern section where the Wicker boys supposedly were. The snow had subsided, but the torrid winds kept pounding me. I was halfway across a playground, using the stone play structures as anchors.

I stumbled. Something underfoot, an object! Half buried, a power cable etched a zigzagging line in the snow. I saw that someone had severed it from its main line. The same cable the Wicker crew had come to repair. I found the other end, buried not far from the main gate! Tracing its path, I limped pass several cottages and a storage house. The cable ended at the local commissary building at the bottom of an icy hill!

Someone wanted me to find something!

Looking around I saw it! I saw droplets of blood sprinkled upon the snow! The blood, it formed a trail. Taking small, painful steps, I followed this gruesome path across more deserted streets until it disappeared behind a log cabin. There I found discarded instruments. Mittens, a scarf and a toolbox I knew could only belong to Jemy Wicker! Behind me I heard running footsteps. It was Oso. He appeared so small and fragile wearing a woolen overcoat and hood pulled over his head. His face reddened by the cold, eyes wide and inquisitive. I begged him not to go any further, but he would not listen. The blood trail resumed several blocks east.

However, it was no longer a trail of droplets! It had formed puddles. The puddles seeped into a dark red stream that settled at the bottom of an icy hill, standing at the crest, an all too familiar place! Oso let out a muffled scream and broke out in a run toward his house. I grabbed him by the hood, and pulled him into an arm lock.

“We must be cautious!” I warned, feeling his tears on my arm. He fought, but I did not release him until he had calmed down!

Using the back entrance we crept through the gate and cautiously made our way onto the porch and slid the door open. Inside it was dark and the scent of death lurked everywhere. I could see the living room. It was scarcely furnished. A couch placed in the corner, two-burnish tables stood center. Everything appeared untouched. It seemed as though no one had been here at all. The dark substance glistening on the floor told me otherwise.

We followed the blood trail up a narrow stairwell that led us beyond the sleeping quarters and inside the attic. A few feet from the threshold were the Wicker boys. Jemy and Ray sprawled across each other in a bloody heap. Faces tilted towards me at an odd angle. Death had not come swiftly. After repeated blows to the head, their attacker viciously ended the fight by slitting their throats. Expressions on their faces even in death twisted in a perpetual question. They died wondering why their attacker, a childhood friend, a person they knew all their lives and trusted, could slaughter them in cold blood, as though they were animals!

There was no denying that Vasparian had committed this diabolical act! No longer able to sense his presence, I was certain he had already left the village!

I activated a built in sonar alarm on the wristband I wore. The signal would be intercept by security inside the Blosher Building. In the meantime, the village could be on full alert until I returned and could explain everything!

I should have left at that moment! Instincts gnawed at me. Things were not as they appeared! I was too weak to sense anything. I should have heeded the instinctual warning!

Stepping over the bodies, I crept toward the rear window. Taking for granted that the dark substance strewn on the window seal was more blood. I leaned on the cold glass pane. Searching the darkness below for the flash I had just seen.

Oso crept up behind me. Again I saw it! Light flashed two blocks north. I waited. There it was again! Glistening light! Not just coming from that one block but from everywhere at once . . .

“Monsyious!” There was a slight tremor in Oso’s voice.

I felt something tugging at my robe. I glanced down and saw the most bizarre thing. My garment! Somehow the liquid or whatever it was on the window seal had smeared on the entire front of my garment.

Slowly, I moved backwards, away from him, once I realized that it was all over me. Crawling down my back. Squirming across my shoulders! It clung to my fingers as I tried wiping it off. An unusual red gel, cold and glistening. Oso reached to help me.

I stepped further away, “Leave! Go to the others! Do it now!”

Oso stood there frozen, his gaze fixed upon me. Not fully understanding the urgency of my warning. Seconds’ later escape was too late! The air rippled. In the blink of an eye, the substance that I had mistaken for blood slithered over the corpses. It solidified.

Then it shot up at me!

I felt a cold gush of wind. Before the impact catapulted me head first through the glass window. I landed into an enormous puddle. To my horror, it was everywhere!

The substance flowed down the streets like a glistening sea of death, devouring everything in its path! Felt like acid burned through my veins as I struggled to free myself from the power that held me. Its surface rippled. In one swift pull it sucked me into complete darkness.

The last thing I heard was Oso’s shrieks. His cries for help.

I floated within a void. Pulled deeper into sheer nothingness, this from time to time would then mysteriously transform itself into a strange crimson mirage. The space around me shimmered then dissolved. I drifted in semi-consciousness trapped in my physical body. Each waking moment, I fought for freedom from that cryptic prison!

Finally, three days later at sunrise I freed myself from the void, but awoke to a nightmare far worse than what I had already suffered! I materialized near the cottage. I searched the cottage for a clue as to Oso’s fate. I found nothing! The bodies upstairs in the attic had vanished.

The thing that attacked me left its destructive mark inside the Blosher Building. Bodies of women and children blocked all the main exits. They lay piled on top of each other. Death was neither quick nor merciful. Cells in their bodies disrupted and the air sucked out of their lungs. Altogether, two hundred people were lost!

Interestingly enough, the Luria clan had escaped catastrophe. The Reptilian forces, our so-called R'Conian masters had not so much touched a hair on their heads. How could this be? Then I remembered Vasparian’s brief visit to their village weeks ago and figured it all out.

Vasparian had been escorted by a detachment of R'Conian troops who brought them crates filled with grain and other valuable commodities as a reward for their cooperation.

You see, there were no sick children in the Luria clan! It was all a ploy so waiting R'Conians could use Nadia as bait to lure Cyrus! Vasparian had been communicating with a Reptilian military outpost in the occupied territories for weeks using a special transmitter device that our sensors could not detect.

Vasparian used the Luria as the catalyst and implanted his communication device outside of their domain! Somehow, he convinced them to betray us by participating in his treacherous scheme! Or the R'conians threatened the Luria.

Vasparian was clever indeed; he made fools of us all. I wonder just how R'Conians will reward his generous deed! Well, time will determine the extent of what that might be!

Lives could have been saved had I not foolishly fallen prey to the abomination so ingeniously sent against us! The thing that was meant to destroy me, I have an idea of what it is and what diabolical source it came from!

I fear Cyrus and Nadia are dead! Oso, I sense his life force! Far away, deep in the occupied territories! Either he still lives, or my hope is so strong that I am deluding myself! I believe he is out there! That is why I must search for him! I will leave now for the occupied territories and arrive hopefully before sunset! The task I am about to undertake is dangerous, but by every means worth the risk.

Monsyious signing out!

End Log 001.

End of Prologue.


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