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The Moon and The Wolf

Updated on October 29, 2012

In the middle of nowhere,

A full moon glides on the celestial sky

like a body of woman



a lone wolf on the peak

"Howl Howl Howl" It whispers

so softly in his ears like wind in the trees

"Drink me in visually

Caress my chubbiness

Kill me in one press

in one thrash"

The wolf sighed lightly and said sadly:

"Sorry..sorry..sorry..a stifling shifting shade

shutted down my body long time ago

Now I am dried up like a wrinkled petal


leaning on a wooden cane

after she pushed me over the edge

and eloped with my best friend

Can`t you see

I am lost in a maze,

walking among the crowd frozen?"

" Hush now

no need to cry

over the spilled milk,

Forget her"

The moon cut in and enticingly said:

"Come closer,

Chin up


I am all yours"

The wolf stared half smiling

and politely said :

"Thank you,Mis beautiful,

for picking me up among all the wolves,

and make me special tonight.

I thought I was out of the zone

off the radar and more invisible

like a star in daylight.

but I am sorry,

I can`t make it

It seems farfetched

Two worlds apart

In-between air and overwhelming fear

can t be abridge or coaxed to fuse in a melting-pot."

The moon pleaded in a musical voice:`

"Use your crane as a broomstick

and clap the air like a witch,

My gate is open

Can `t you see the light?

Can `t you see the path?


Let me burn

Let me freeze

Let my throat go dry

Let my halo encircle you

Let me live inside in you

Let nothing remain untouchable

Drag me down

Bring me to my knees

to taste your fertility

and unknown aroma.

Return me to raw

and reshape me the way you want"

The wolf looked in awe

lost in words.

A sexy female voice

came from behind:

"I am here now

bent low,





"For whom do you leave the sky?"

The wolf asked.

"For the dawn ,


and send me back

if you dare "A sly grin stamped on her face.


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    • James-wolve profile image

      Tijani Achamlal 5 years ago from Morocco

      Thanks so much .Your comments means a lot to me:)

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 5 years ago from London, UK

      This is brilliant and fun to read, with a hint of passion.

      I like your sense of humour. Voted up as usual. Thanks.