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Updated on July 19, 2014
Super Moon
Super Moon | Source

Liquid is the night,

As the Moon swims its way

Across the velvet,

Studded in diamond glittered stars.

The night glow

Eases its way through the window

And seeps into our dreams,

Quenching the imagination

Of our slumbering minds.

The Angel Spirits

Sprinkle the Moon dust

About our sleeping heads,

While we lay vulnerable to the dark,

Shrouding us in a protective Veil

Which shimmers with silver,

As directed by the Divine -

The Holy Master of our

Meek souls and spirits.

In the shadow of stillness,

We lay unknowing and yet

Receiving of this sacred Gift,

Like fertile soil receiving of the Seed.

God walks around our bed

And into our heads,

Leaving bread crumbs

For us to follow.

Tiny morsels of His Love.

When the first rays

Of dawn appear in splendid color of

Gold, yellow and orange,

The Moon beams are chased away.

In the bright of Day

We fail to see the Gift

Laid before us in silver.

But those seeking Truth

Will see the glimmer

And recognize the Trail,

That leads to the living Heart.

Poem from the collection of "PAINTING WITH WORDS POETRY.


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