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For Your Valentine/Love Poems To Share /With The One You LOVE

Updated on May 8, 2013
Love Is Powerful
Love Is Powerful

Love Poems To Share

He Said, She Said, Love Talk

He said, "That he loved her."

She said, " I love you more!"

He said, "That he would never leave."

She said, "For eternity."

He said "As long as the stars in in the sky."

She said, "Until the moon no longer glows."

He said, "There is nothing I would not do for you."

She said, "All I want is for our love to always be true."

He said,"Will you be my wife."

She said, "Yes, for life."

Simple Love

Love is so Simple, We make it complicated.

Love is so Sweet, We make it bitter in defeat.

Love is so True, We make it out of lies and untruths.

Love is so beautiful, We make it ugly and cruel.

Love is so fine, We make it confusing and a waste of time.

There is nothing difficult about love, It is so simple from above.

Natural Resources

A natural resource

Like the trees



And Streams

Love approached


Precious and Pure

That I had to share

With all the world

All that I had to give

Source of Happiness

You are the source of my happiness

You are the source of my joy

You are the source of my future

You walked into my world

You asked to show me how

Great love can be

So, you wrapped me in your love

And brought me serenity

You wanted in

And you weren’t afraid

Do I deserve this love?

Maybe yes

Maybe No


I will never let it go!

There You Stood

There you stood all alone

There I stood all alone

Will you meet me half way?

Will you reach out for me half way?

Your side my side

Becoming one

There you stood all alone

There I stood all alone

Will you meet me half way?

Love me half way

Touch me half way

My side your side

Becoming one


All relationships have

Their spring and winter

I would say that we are in our spring

Everything is new

And I am crazed

Over you

Everything about our love is alive

Growing and thriving

We are discovering the best of you and me

We will store up some of this love

For other times

When winter comes knocking on our door

And we may need some of this

Happiness we have stored away

In our hearts

And remembering how

Good our love can be when it isn’t

In deep freeze

Eyes Of Love

There are times we don’t see eye to eye

It seems as if we never agree

There is still one thing that will always

Ring true

You love me and I love you!

Just For You

My Love is just for you

And for you only

My heart is beating

Just For You

My thoughts and dreams

For the future are

Just For You

And I long to be loved

Kissed and hugged

My loving and longing


Just For You

Love Makes The World Go Around


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