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More and more-poem

Updated on February 1, 2012

More and More

I can't see what to do

it seems so pointless.

Life has given me what I did not need.

more pain

more tears more and more

I've lost all hope.

It burns to see what has happened to me

I've fallen and I can't get up.

There is no one to help.

I feel as if I am burning

I can't see no I can't see.

Not through these flames.

My heart and soul are burning

It's a destructive fire

and it’s the end

the end of me

I try to rise but shadows push me down

tears fall again

Now I'm drowning in it

More and More

I can't breath

I can't see this is the end of me

More and More

pain and tears

But I can't see

I'm drowning

and I can't get up

help me please

if you care Oh god please help me

pick me up

save me from the fire

and help me swim away.


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