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More controversial topics Arab and international .wikipedia

Updated on March 1, 2016

The Wikipedia online free a tremendous source of information , but , as it allows anyone to be amendments to it , is also considered an arena for " wars of liberation " that reveal controversial subjects , as the editors of the 77 thousand around the world to refute the information and contradict each other in pursuit to keep the edits on the site.

A team of researchers has risen from the number of universities ( including Oxford and Rutgers ) analyzed the editorial pages on 10 of the most prominent languages ​​and Wikipedia ( including Arabic ) in 2010 to determine the most threads started re- edit information where by different editors , calling it " more threads controversial . " In spite of that the themes of politics, religion and sex were evident in the results, but the study revealed other strange results .

Wikipedia is not only the encyclopedia , but it is a window on the priorities and concerns of social and spatial and preferences convergent and divergent . " The researchers looked at the speed in which the edit information and refuted by another editor frequently and to a number of people involved in the liberation of the information.

•The most controversial topics in Wikipedia English

Here are the top stories " controversial ," the English version of Wikipedia , according to the study : 1. George W. Bush 2. anarchist 3. Mohammed 4. List Star American Wrestling 5. global warming ( global warming ) 6. circumcision 7.United States 8. Issa 9. race and intelligence 10. Christian

•The most controversial issues in the Arab and Wikipedia

In the Arabic version of Wikipedia , it was more threads " controversial ," according to the study : 1. Ash'ari 2. Ali bin Talal Juhani 3. Mohammed 4. Ali ibn Abi Talib 5. Egypt 6. Syria 7. Sunnis and the community 8. Wahhabism 9. Yasser Habib 10. Arabs

Nothing in the Arab list raises eyebrows often except for the second outcome, "Ali Bin Talal Al-Juhani," a former minister Telegraph and Saudi Post and the phone, it is not in his character or his career raises a lot of controversy, but Dr. Taha Iasri from Oxford University, who led the the research team at Arab section of Wikipedia Arab section of Wikipedia The study said that two sets of Wikipedia editors Arab contradict each other more than 200 times on Juhani's full name and date of birth and place of study, and added Iasri "Radio Sawa" e-mail "is rare to get such behavior on Wikipedia, as it often interferes Editor a high-level debate calms. In all cases, it is not difficult to determine the full name of a person and date of birth. "

He says Iasri The Arabic version of Wikipedia, compared to other languages, do not rely sufficiently on reliable sources, "It depends on the convictions prevailing public information rather than technical and professional sources of knowledge. Therefore, to reach a consensus will be harder for the most part. Look at the example above , it was easier for the editors refer to a certified source for documenting the information accurately, rather than continuing to refute each other. " Although Iasri acknowledges that editors in any language of the Wikipedia do not represent all those who speak this language, "it is that our study and other studies suggest that many of the cultural aspects are similar between the speakers of a particular language as a whole and the community of Wikipedia editors in that language."

According to Wikipedia itself , there are 649.687 editor of the Arabic version , liberate an article about 236,623 , a number that is not a little , but it can not be circulated to all Arabic speakers for sure. In contrast, there are about 19 ​​million editor of the English version of Wikipedia liberate about four million articles . In Hebrew Wikipedia , there are 205 654 148 572 liberate an editor an article . In Wikipedia Persian there 355.215 313.306 editor liberate an article . In total, Wikipedia contains 22 million articles and there are 285 different languages.

•Controversial issues globally

Researchers have found that the most exciting joint controversial topics between ten languages ​​covered by the study is the Israel of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust and God. Our study and other studies suggest that many of the cultural aspects are similar between the speakers of the language of a particular community as a whole and the editors of Wikipedia in that language Dr. Taha Iasri from Oxford University The study included the following : English, Arabic, French, German , Spanish, Czech , Hungarian, Romanian , Farsi, Hebrew ten languages.

Researchers have found that 25 percent of the subjects of the most controversial in Wikipedia into all languages ​​revolve around politics, movements and ideologies and political parties and personalities. Topics that revolve around countries 17 percent of controversial subjects were filled, as were 15 percent of the controversial topics revolve around religion, and nine percent on history. Returning to the Wikipedia English, it may raise Astgrabk the existence of "Stars of the American freestyle wrestling List" in the fourth place of the topics most controversial. In this Iasri say the editors disagreed about the real characters, titles and clubs to which they belong names. He adds, "Looking at the debates, shows that editors often did not enjoy calm and accept the opinions of others."

And the editors of the French was the subject of previous candidate Segolene Royal French presidential elections have argued over the subject of it. In the Hebrew version of the encyclopedia , the editors disagreed primarily on the subject of Chabad Chabad Orthodox Jewish movement . In Wikipedia Persian Ali Mohammad Reza Shirazi ( Syed Ali Mohammed door ) founder Baabism call the most controversial topics . Page has been prepared in Wikipedia offers commandments for how to deal with controversial issues . The study will be published as a chapter of a book in 2014 by Dar " Sekerkro " for publication .

•The most controversial topics in the Persian Wikipedia

1. Syed Ali Muhammad Shirazi ( door ) 2. Fatima Zahra 3. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 4. movement PMOI 5. Criticism of the Quran 6. Tabriz 7. Ali Khamenei 8. Ruhollah Khomeini 9. Massoud Rajavi 10. Mohammed

•The most controversial topics in Wikipedia in Hebrew

1. Chabad 2. The doctrine of Chabad messianism 3. Lebanon War 2006 4. B'Tselem 5. Benjamin Netanyahu 6. Jewish settlement in Hebron 7. Daphne Leaf 8. Gaza war 9. Beitar Jerusalem (soccer team) 10. Ariel Sharon

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