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Morlocks & Erg from the X-Men Comics

Updated on January 12, 2022
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An avid comic collector and fan for nearly 20 years, Vic started collecting comics around eight years old. Comic investing since the 2000s.

By now, you probably get the jist that I am a fan of The Gifted TV show. If know me from my previous blog or have read a few of my recent hubpages or seen a few episodes of Comic Book Brigade, you may have caught onto the fact that I am an X-Man comic fan.

I have been waiting for the Morlocks to make a blatant on screen appearance in either a movie or on a television show. I mean a clear appearance. Not called something else like The Omegas in X-Men The Last Stand.

As a comic fan, I couldn't even make the connection to that. However, us comic fans finally got the tunnel and sewer dwelling Morlocks in the 3rd episode of the 2nd season. Let's talk about these mutant misfits if you don't yet know.

Who Are The Morlocks?

Alright, the Morlocks were created by legendary comic writer Chris Claremont and Paul Smith. They were inspired by the subterranean creatures of the same name in H.G. Wells' novel the Time Machine.

The Morlocks in the X-Men world are mutants who originally lived in the underground tunnels and sewers of New York city. They are the misfits of mutants, and many have appearances or powers that do not allow them to pass under the radar in normal human society.

Because of this, Morlocks distrust humans and even mainstream mutants like the X-Men or the Brotherhood. Their leader is normally Callisto and her and the Morlocks first debuted in the pages of Uncanny X-Men #169, in which Callisto captured Angel with the full intention of making him her mate.

Uncanny X-Men #169 - 1st appearance of the Morlocks.
Uncanny X-Men #169 - 1st appearance of the Morlocks.

The 1st Morlocks Introduced in Uncanny X-Men #169

In the story "Catacombs" by legendary comic writer, Chris Claremont, the Morlocks are first introduced as a group. Among the group introduced is their leader Callisto, Sunder, Plague, and Masque. A Morlock named Caliban also shows up but he debuted quite a few issues earlier in Uncanny X-Men #148. Out of those Morlocks, the characters of Callisto, Caliban, and Masque have been used the most.

Callisto has superhuman senses of smell, taste, touch, balance, and hearing. She was blinded and disfigured. Therefore, she went underground and was found by the mutant-detecting Caliban and other mutants like Sunder. There she helped build the underground community known as Morlocks.

Who is Erg?

Okay, so in The Gifted show, the leader of the Morlocks that Blink was talking to in the tunnels was Erg. He is actually an X-Men comic character and he is a Morlock.

Erg is created by legendary comic writer Louise Simonson and artist June Brigman. It looks like The Gifted show is making him the leader of the Morlocks, but in the actual comics, he was not such and just a member.

He was one of the few Morlocks to survive the Marauder's attack during the Mutant Massacre story line. I think that story line will play out in The Gifted TV show in a round about way.

Erg was one of the few mutants who also retained their powers after M-Day and sought refuge at the Xavier Institute. He would join what was the 198, supposedly the number of mutants left in the world.

Erg has the mutant power to absorb all forms of energy and then project them through his right eye. Erg debuted in Power Pack #12.

Erg in the X-Men comic books
Erg in the X-Men comic books
Power Pack #12 - 1st appearance of Beautiful Dreamer
Power Pack #12 - 1st appearance of Beautiful Dreamer

The character of Beautiful Dreamer also debuted in Power Pack #12. She is a character who has already appeared in The Gifted TV show and was played by the beautiful Elena Satine.

Beautiful Dreamer was not revealed to be a Morlock in the show, but she is definitely one in the actual comics. Just some fun knowledge to be had. She is not a very popular character in the actual comics and quite obscure.

Callisto in the X-Men comics and Callisto in X-Men the Last Stand played by Dania Ramirez.
Callisto in the X-Men comics and Callisto in X-Men the Last Stand played by Dania Ramirez.

The Morlocks in the MCU?

The Morlocks and characters of the group have already appeared in The Gifted TV show as well as the big screen. Callisto appeared in X-Men the Last Stand and was played by actress Dania Ramirez. It was a highly different version of the character and not very comic-accurate. Her group was called The Omegas.

I think the Morlocks are definitely showing up the MCU in the very near future.It would be crazy to miss that opportunity. Imagine the visuals of their underground world? What fun would that be to see! It's only a matter of time, and I wouldn't be surprised if the character of Callisto is rebooted to appear in a Disney + show or even the planned flick The Mutants. As for Erg, however? I'd rather see Callisto and her version of the Morlocks.

Alright, that's a bit about the Morlocks from the X-Men Marvel Comics. Hope you enjoyed and please share if you did. Be sure to check out my other comic related hubs as well. Links are below.

© 2018 Vic


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