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Morning writing and afternoon writing is their a difference?

Updated on September 12, 2017

Morning writing and Afternoon Writing is there a difference?

Writing can be limitless, in such a way that the words just flow from you constantly. The question is, can writing be limitless at specific times of the day or does it matter? Have you ever tried writing in morning or afternoon and which did you find better? the answer is obviously yes, to the first part of the question, but the second part of the question might be trickier. It depends on the person. If you are a writer you have tried writing in the morning and the afternoon and figured out which time of day works for you. It doesn't matter if you work for a newspaper, if you are a blogger or if you write books.You are always asking yourself, this question when is the best time to write when do I get the limitless writing done? Or is it just a pass time? Some people might think that, but why not ask someone who writes for a living?

When you think of writing in the morning what is it that you think of? Well after you wake up from a good night sleep, your mind Is fresh and ready to begin the day. Or at least that is what we are supposed to think anyway. But again it depends on the person, some people write better in the mornings while others write better in the afternoons.

Is there really a difference between the two? it depends on the person and their thought process I guess. For example, with me it is better for me to begin writing in the morning, then it is in the afternoon. The reason for this is because I feel as though I get more accomplished. Although I can switch it up, it depends on my thought process and how busy I am in a day. How many people have a better thought process in the morning rather than the afternoon? Most people will have a better thought process in the morning because after you wake up you feel refreshed and revitalized. Which in turn makes writing a lot easier to do.

In the afternoon writing is a little more difficult. For some people, that's, the reason for that is because, as everyone knows after you eat a big meal all you want to do is sleep. Which happens more around lunch time than breakfast time, in the morning your fresher so your writing is new and fresh. In the afternoon, however, your body is ready for a cat nap more so than writing. Not that, people can’t write in the afternoon, because they can it’s just a lot harder to do so, then it would if you write in the morning.

I will give you an example, it is now almost two in the afternoon and I am still writing this if I would have just written all morning I would be finished it. Always remember though that afternoon writing and morning writing are different for each person. I can write well in the morning and better in the early evening then I can in the afternoon. When is the best time for you to write? Do you have a good time to write or can you write anytime throughout the day?

Morning Writing VS Afternoon Writing

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What time of Day is better for a person to write

For some people, it will depend on the day and how focused you are on the task at hand. For example, if you get a good night sleep the night before, writing in the morning into the afternoon is easier because you are more rested. If you don’t, however, writing throughout the day is going to be difficult because all you are going to want to do is sleep, don’t you agree? I have told you when the best time to write for me is but what is the best time to write for you? When does your brain function better since writing takes a lot of brain function?

Eating a balanced breakfast and drinking water throughout the day along with a good lunch will help with your writing as well. Also known as don’t forget to eat throughout the day while you write, if you don’t eat throughout the day, your brain won’t function at its best. That is why eating a balanced breakfast before you start writing in the morning makes the morning a better time to write. It wakes you up, along with a good cup of coffee. Or whatever it is that wakes you up in the morning to get you going to write.

Are you a morning writer an afternoon writer or an evening writer? These are the questions that everyone asks themselves because the answer always changes, with what goes on in your life doesn't it? But why not think about that the next time you sit down to write something. writing is limitless and that is why it is always changing you write when you feel the urge to do it. What about when you are on a deadline, are you the type of writer who has deadlines if you are when do you write?

Most writers would probably say if I am under deadline I will write all morning through the afternoon for the most part and then take the night off. Or they might write at night after everyone else has gone to bed through the early hours or the morning it just depends on them and I am not saying all writers do this but I am sure some do. For me a blogger I make my own deadlines and each deadline that I make I have to have a certain number of posts either written or edited. It just depends on what my goal is for that week.

For most writers writing can be limitless or it is limitless, but the time of day that they write in depends on when their inspiration is at its peek, or if they are on deadline but if they aren't on deadline it is all about when inspiration strikes and is at its peak is when they write. I enjoy writing in the morning for the most part and through the afternoon but there is some day where I start in the afternoon and write limitlessly through the night. So there is no real difference when it comes to writing in the morning or afternoon if you are writer it is when it is best for you,

Writing in the morning vs the Afternoon which is better it depends on who you ask
Writing in the morning vs the Afternoon which is better it depends on who you ask

The Best time of day to write is when?

Writing can happen at any time of day, but if you are a writer there are certain times of day where you get your best writing done limitlessly and other times of day where you just can't write at all. Morning Writing and Afternoon writing both of them can be limitless. Some writers have a better thought process in the morning others in the afternoon. It really just depends on what they have going on in their lives I think at the time. It really depends on the writer and when they feel they get their best writing done.

Morning Writing vs Afternoon Writing is there a difference which do you like better? Let's Discuss

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