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Most Love - Most Romantic Love Songs of All Time

Updated on May 11, 2011

Love Songs I love the Most

I was looking to create and article that would prove popular amongst people in general and noticed the keyword 'most love' receives tens of thousands of views every month, I am unsure why this was such a popular request on Google rather than the words 'most loved'.

Other words that were linked to this were 'most romantic love songs of all time' and 'most popular love songs' so I decided I would optimize my article so that it included the 40 love songs I love the most while also appealing to the wide populous who want to know which are the most romantic.

These songs are also good for playing at wedding receptions and I have been thinking recently that most love songs are soppy commercial manufactured 'quick fixes' for the insecure in mainstream culture while others are timeless works of art.

Photo courtesy of benetton

Most Loved Songs of All Time

Some of these songs could also be considered the most loved songs of all time and I specifically chose pictures of these iconics because it compliments the article and shows the character of the artists themselves.

  1. Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley
  2. The Moody Blues - Nights in White Satin
  3. Jackson 5 - I'll be There
  4. Aerosmith - I don't wanna miss a thing
  5. Stevie Wonder - You are the Sunshine of my life
  6. Ben E King - Stand by me
  7. Frankie Valli - Can't Take My Eyes off you
  8. Chris DeBurgh - Lady in Red(Played at my Grampa's funeral)

Photo courtesy of Luiz Fernando

I love you the most!

I also know that a lot of sensitive people will be looking for songs that include expressions 'I love you the most' and 'love your love the most lyrics' and so I try tried my best to pick the most touching songs.

9. Berlin - Take my Breathe Away
10. Bob Marley - Waiting in Vain
11. Bon Jovi - I'd Die for You
12. Coldplay - Fix You
13. Neil Young - Heart of Gold
14. John Lennon - Jealous Guy

Photo courtesy of pagedooley

Most Beautiful Love Songs

Some people may not consider these the most beautiful love songs ever because some in the top 40 are heavy rock songs like Guns n Roses and others are Rap songs but I tried to appeal to everyone's taste and perhaps introduce you to something new.

15. Santana - Europa (Earth's Cry, Heavens Smile)
16. K-Ci & JoJo - All my Life
17. Fleetwood Mac - You Make Loving Fun
18. James Brown - Its a Mans World
19. The Temptations - My Girl
20. Bryan Adams - I Do it for You

Photo courtesy of MichaelJacksonFan

Most Love Songs

Most love songs other people have put in their top 100 lists have consisted of cheesy songs such as Madonna 'Crazy for You' and cliché ones like 'Celine Dion - My Heart will go on', but I decided not to bore you and offer something different.

21. Madness - It Must be Love
22. The Cure - Lovesong
23. Marvin Gaye - Lets Get it On
24. Barry White - Can't Get Enough of your Love Babe
25. Guns 'n' Roses - Sweet Child O'Mine
26. LL Cool J - Doin it

Photo courtesy of DaigoOlivia

Most Precious Love

Who has the most prcious love song? is it a Rap genre like De La Soul? a Reggae genre like Gregory Issacs or an Indie genre like Radiohead? everyone has a different taste.

27. De La Soul - Eye Know(I love you better)
28. Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody
29. Gregory Issacs - Night Nurse
30. Barrington Levy - Here I Come
31. Roy Orbison - I Drove All Night
32. Radiohead - Exit Music (For a Film)

Photo courtesy of wiki

Most Beautiful Love Song

Finally I would like to say that I included photographs of various artists that you may not know by appearance such as Ben E King(above) and even though they look old and some have funny dress sense like Stevie Wonder, they still knew how to write the most beautiful love song! 

33. UB40 - Can't Help Falling in Love (Originally Elvis)
34. Prince - Most Beautiful Girl in the World
35. The Beatles - Love Me Do
36. Percy Sledge - When a Man Loves a Woman(not Michael Bolton version)
37. Sade - Sweetest Taboo
38. Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time
39. The Police - Every Breath you Take
40. Otis Redding - I've been Loving You too Long(to give up now)

Photo courtesy of wiki


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