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Mother Gaia and a mother's love - A poem by Annabella

Updated on February 4, 2016

Child of mine do not cry,
even when the tests of time,
riddle you with weariness.
Even if the strong winds blow down,
your once strong standing walls,
that many could not climb,
to reach your heart.
Embrace the aimless flow
of all seasons when they come and go,
and all those days forgotten-
but it would mean nothing,
if you weren't to know:
You are loved,
even when the night is dark,
you are precious,
even when you hide in anger,
and you are strong,
even if a storm makes you succumbed.

For you would forget the paramount love your mother yielded, when she held you in her arms when life itself blessed thee, and the universe gathered to witness you open your eyes to the unknown world.
If weariness is an ill effect of your life,
then let life itself be reborn,
for you hold a mothers love,
and life itself acknowledges it's veracity.


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    • Bella Sames profile image

      Annabella 23 months ago

      my first hub :)